Alicia White, Project Petals

Alicia White is looking to bring beauty, revitalization and community engagement to low-income neighborhoods in New York City. With her project, Project Petals, Alicia is starting with Railroad Park, a neglected piece of wooded land in Jamaica Queens.

“Project Petals will restore the park, create a garden, assemble a team of volunteers to clean up and create a path for the area. To turn Railroad Park into a space that can be utilized by all. A community garden and vegetable garden will serve the community. Our second initiative for the park will be to turn the wooded area into a nature trail,” she said.

The project plans to expand from Railroad Park to other urban or low-income neighborhoods, providing beautification, environmental education and even an app that will direct users to volunteer opportunities in their own communities, helping neighbors plant flowers or clean up their yards.

Beautification can boost property values, Alicia said, in turn sending more funds to local schools and lifting up the entire area that has previously been underserved.

Funds from the Pollination Project will buy shovels, seeds and a composting bin, as well as help with the organization’s 501c3 filing fees.

For more on Project Petals, visit their website, Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 1, 2014