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Ajman Thrower, 8 Feet Tall

In the heart of Oakland, CA lies a marketing enterprise dedicated to bringing about awareness to local businesses and organizations that work towards bringing positive changes in the community. Ajman Thrower and his 8 Feet Tall project are recent recipients of one of our Youth Impact Hub flow funds, which will provide a platform to get his projects out on a large scale.

Ajman has successfully run marketing campaigns for local theater groups and non-profit organizations, including Hack the Hood and Code for America. 8 Feet Tall will employ low-income youth of color and thus increase economic equality in underserved neighborhoods that often go overlooked. He is committed to protecting the environment and bases his marketing strategies off the use of recycled materials. Ajman has clearly demonstrated passion, which has given the community a sense of hope and positivity.

On of our field staff notes, “Ajman has been committing himself to his community for as long as I have known him and he is determined to create real opportunities for his peers to succeed. His enthusiasm is infectious.”

To learn more about 8 Feet Tall, visit their Instagram, Twitter or website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 21, 2015