Aimee Martinez and Rachel Melvald

Aimee Martinez and Rachel Melvald of Artists in Mind – The Future Moves Slow :: a celebration and discussion around Cuban artists, the resilience of the Cuban people, and the creative expression born out of US-Cuban relations.

Aimee Martinez, PsyD and Rachel Melvald, MSW are two Los Angeles-based psychotherapists with a passion for art who aim to promote and create space for emerging artists from underdeveloped areas without traditional means of exposure. Their first project involves a pop-up art gallery focusing on the creativity of artists in Cuba, while immersing them in the Los Angeles community through an art exhibition at Schoos Night Gallery in West Hollywood and a children’s art workshop.

In collaboration with MakeWild and Schoos Design, this experience is intended to create space for discussion around strengthening the relationship between the two countries. Whether a painter, sculptor, photographer or surfboard maker, the parallel of creation out of necessity can be found across cultures and mediums.

Aimee and Rachel believe we are all artists in mind, meaning we use creativity to understand others. Through their work, they aim to always keep the artists in mind. They continue working toward integration through additional art events in Los Angeles, photojournalism, cultural exchanges, providing art supplies to artists both young and old in Cuba, and hope to eventually make a documentary.