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Agbor Patrick Agbor and Evelyne Mbeng, Female Education Initiative

Each year in Yaoundé, Cameroon, 10% of teenage girls drop out of school due to unwanted pregnancies. With minimal education and a child to rear, these girls often remain in poverty with limited resources and support. This cyclical concern is attributed to cross-generational sex, which allows older men to prey upon teenage girls with money and gifts in exchange for sex. To address this rising fear in the community, Agbor Patrick Agbor and Evelyne Mbeng have created the Female Education Initiative, a non-governmental organization that aims to promote the rights of young girls and improve their chances of a successful future. This project will allow the formation of sugar daddy awareness classes, which will send volunteers from the initiative to schools to facilitate discussions with the girls on the risks of dating older men.

With a seed grant, Agbor and Evelyne will be able to carry out sensitization campaigns in all of the primary and secondary schools in the next twelve months, reaching out to an estimated 500 schools and 10,000 girls. To accomplish this, Female Education Initiative will create an awareness video and send out their volunteers to facilitate the viewing and coordinate discussions. The grant money will allow for thorough tracking tools and volunteer transport, which will set the foundation for their work. Agbor states that a successful project means a decrease of about 8% in the dropout rate for girls due to unwanted pregnancies.

Agbor states that he is inspired by, “…healthy environments and the protection of future generations.” It is with this that the Female Education Initiative has the ability to empower young girls who might otherwise not see a future.

GRANT AWARD DATE: November 18, 2015

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