volunteer teacher in the classroom

Agbor Miralish Ewube, Ako Achare Cicilia – New Vision Academy

New Vision Academy is a self-learning program for internally displaced children and school dropouts in southwest, Cameroon. Since 2016, over 500,000 people have been displaced in southwest and northwest Cameroon as a result of the Anglophone crisis that has plagued the country for three years. New Vision Academy was founded to take care of the educational needs of internally displaced children who have gone for up to three academic years without school.

Project leader, Agbor Miralish Ewube, is pained to see children loiter about every day without going to school. “I understand that children are the leaders of tomorrow and without education their future is lost.” The project will follow the Cameroon school curriculum, including psycho-social activities and personal security. Teachers will receive refresher training and some learning materials will be acquired to equip the learning structures.