Adriana Bueno, The BiblioVan

After working for a decade on Human Rights as part of the Colombian government, Adriana Bueno is bringing her skills and passion back to the Colombian Amazon where she grew up. Her project, The BiblioVan, is a library on wheels that makes rounds among rural indigenous villages. There are few fun activities for kids and adults from poor and isolated communities in the Colombian Amazon. There is very little access to quality reading and visual materials to support learning.

The BiblioVan brings books, movies and other didactic and arts material to these communities. With help from their first Pollination Project grant, the BiblioVan was launched in October, 2014.  Adriana writes, “the Grant I received from TPP gave me the opportunity to make a dream real and helped me realize that if you have a good intention and an idea that you think can benefit your community, it only takes determination and a little bit of help from people who share your ideals to make it happen.”

The Impact Grant will be used for special workshops and activities such as creative writing, community film production, photography, and arts and crafts workshops, as well as providing more training to those who lead the activities.

GRANT AWARD DATE: 2014 Impact Grant