Aditya Gupta, Explore Your Calling

Aditya Gupta and Nivedita Soni, of the organization People for Parity, are looking to explore the issue of gender-based violence through workshops in villages and cities throughout India with their project, Explore Your Calling.

“Our project addresses gender identities because we feel that gender is rarely talked about in our culture,” they said. “People who are considered perpetrators or victims are talked at and not talked to and the all nuanced presence of our gender in our life, decisions, and aspirations creates a severe disconnect with the self and the world. It addresses some of this disconnect and creates a safe space for vulnerability; it also creates a space for healing spiritually from this disconnect and sharing that healing and its tools with the participants’ community.”

The group has already held workshops on gender identity with young people at colleges in the country and trained facilitators. They are now looking to hold their first workshop on gender-based violence in Ghandiyala, a village in the Jaunpur district of Uttarakhand. Aditya and Nivedita hope this dialogue builds a community of young people ready to confront and talk honestly and openly about gender-based violence.

For more on Explore Your Calling and People for Parity, visit their website and Facebook page

GRANT AWARD DATE:  August 16, 2014