Joesph Reed (quadruple amputee) and I working out and discussing his fitness goals

ABLE 365 – ABLE 365: Don’t Dis My Ability

ABLE 365 will be a place where all abilities can participate in a community of fellowship, acceptance, and love. ABLE 365’s conceptual advantage will be the equipment being manufactured and/or modified for individuals with physical and/or cognitive ailments such as wheelchair users, amputees, individuals with cerebral palsy, autism, and/or spinal bifida, just to name a few. The entire layout of both the exterior and interior of the facility will be to accommodate the aforementioned providing more than just a space in the parking lot and a button on the door.

ABLE 365 derived from an obsession for fitness and the joy of helping others achieve physical goals, that they previously deemed impossible. Every so often when training clients, I would notice individuals within the “Differently-abled” community putting forth an effort to participate in physical fitness. However, there seemed to always be a discouraging barrier implemented by space, the equipment accessibility, and/or lack thereof. Both inspiration and frustration propelled me to research and become hands to provide an option that would cater to the “handi-capable”.

The differently-abled community is both vast and widespread. Being diagnosed disabled is not limited or restricted to any age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, or geographic location. With such a huge population why are they overlooked within the area of physical fitness? Do you think a healthy lifestyle doesn’t attribute the same results of self-accomplishment as you and I? Unfortunately many individuals don’t consider the daily plights of the differently-abled, only becoming effected if their affected in some shape or form. This is why there is a need for ABLE 365. Currently to try to combat the absence thereof, I transport mobile equipment to handi-capable clients in addition to creating the viral campaign/challenge #amillion4amillion.

If anything is taken from the movement, besides the obvious to create a state of the art facility for the differently-abled, I want awareness to be brought to absence of options for physical fitness independency within the handi-capable community. This is why the grant from The Pollination Project will be such a vital addition to the development of ABLE 365. Allowing us to acquire our 501(c)3 status, in turn being eligible for potential philanthropic and government funding, as well as more exposure. If the financial projection is completed, and I have to spend the next 20 odd years completing the reps myself, I still deserve no recognition.

ABLE 365 is a vision I was blessed with but the victory will belong to the differently-abled.