A day of fun and learning - the Right Green Workshop with Aadya Joshi

Aadya Joshi – The Right Green – Native Biodiversity Education & Gardens

Initiated by high school student Aadya Joshi, The Right Green is an initiative that aims to spread awareness about the vital role of native plants in supporting local fauna, like insects, birds and small animals, and facilitate community action towards its restoration.

Today we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction of species. One of the important causes is the loss of natural habitats and native plants. Native plants serve as a vital food source for insects, which in turn are food for other species like birds and small animals. Hence the loss of native plants and their replacement with exotic, non-native plants has a cascading effect that results in a significant decline in biodiversity.

Through a specially developed curriculum that includes games and other activities, The Right Green seeks to spread this awareness to elementary and middle school students in Mumbai, and spur them to action. To stem the decline in local fauna in our cities, The Right Green has initiated a growing database of native plant species in India that support the largest number of local species. The Right Green also plans to conduct workshops to encourage and educate local citizens and municipal authorities to choose native plants for their yards, gardens and in the city, and hence help restore its native biodiversity.

The grant will enable The Right Green to develop its website and curriculum-related materials in English and regional languages.