Carrie Ruddick and John Amelchenko, New Art Syndicate – N.A.S. Art Library



Carrie Ruddick and John Amelchenko are the founders of New Art Syndicate (N.A.S.), a nonprofit collective whose mission is to advocate for engaging works of art, solicit intersectional conversation and seek useful ways to ally with communities. The N.A.S. Art Library is a month-long program for the community of Asbury [...]

Ijeoma Ugwudi – Diabetes Self-care Education Project In Nnorie, Nigeria


Ijeoma Ugwudi is the founder of the Be-In-Health Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that provides free healthcare and free treatment services to rural, under-served communities with great focus on non-communicable diseases like cancers, diabetes, hypertension and respiratory diseases. The Diabetes Self-Care Education Project for Nnorie community will involve training of healthcare [...]

Queggie Gondwe – Transvillage/Village Tricycle Easing Transportation



Queggie Gondwe, started the Transvillage/Village Tricycle Easing Transportation project for school going pupils who are challenged to travel a distance of over 30 kilometers in order to access their education in the remotest areas of Dedza District, Malawi. This innovative project will empower underprivileged pupils to enjoy their right to [...]

Samantha Carlson – Spreading Peace In Communities Everywhere



SPICE, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to empowering women and youth to be confident and comfortable in their communities by encouraging healthy lifestyles, gender equality, and human rights. Previous projects have included workshops with at-risk youth living in emergency shelters where they learn successful techniques for stress management [...]

Ajibola Oladejo – Purple Pearls Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP)



Mujidat Ajibola's Purple Pearls Women's Entrepreneurship Development Programme is focused on funding vulnerable women; especially those that have been displaced as a result of terrorist activities in Nigeria and are in business or have been trained in some crafts to remove them out of the shackles of poverty. By empowering [...]

Charles Orgbon – Herramientas para jovens agentes de cambio



In order to protect Colombia’s biodiversity for generations to come, the country’s youth must be equipped with the know-how to create meaningful, local environmental projects. After having founded my non-profit organization, Greening Forward, at the age of 12-years-old and thereafter creating an award-winning blueprint for training young environmental leaders, I [...]

Brooke Pillifant – Veteran’s Voice Project


The Veteran’s Voice Project is an initiative created by Brooke Pillifant and Jacey Baxter through Down South Word of Mouth, a storytelling not-for-profit in Central Texas. Brooke and Jacey are two Master's-level social science scholars and experienced storytellers dedicated to promoting personal growth, social justice, and community connection. They facilitate [...]

Shakera Bramwell – Rebel Food Cart



Founded by Shakera Bramwell, an undocumented immigrant from Kingston Jamaica, Rebel Cause Inc's mission is to bring about and facilitate the collaboration of groups of young adults of color seeking to improve the quality of life in their communities through the implementation and coordination of comprehensive social programs and community [...]

Erika Leaf – Justice Pack – Postcards With Social, Racial And Environmental Justice Related Images And Quotes



The Collective Vision postcard project was created as a way to empower ordinary Americans to take political action and speak out about the things they care about. Making kitchen table activism easy! Our first offering was the Democracy Pack, a set of 20 postcards with images from the Women's March. [...]

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