Paul Okot – Christ the King Vegetable Garden


“Christ the King Vegetable Demonstration project” aims to support a sustainable livelihood through planting vegetables for vulnerable elders, orphans, widows and sick that come to the parish seeking assistance. Through this project, those who reach out for assistance will be empowered to volunteer and support the farming and harvest of [...]

Keita Faulkner, Joseph Downey, and Brian Wadlington – Rooted from the Soul Studios


The Rooted from the Soul "Seeds of Youth project," was created by Keita Faulkner, with assistance from Joseph Downey, and artist/producer Brian Wadlington (StrangeCat RareBird).The ongoing project is dedicated to serving the underprivileged youth of Roxboro, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding communities. We present opportunities for mentorship, music [...]

Project Lead: Leticia Lopez; Team Members: Benny Corona and Dalia Gonzalez – Giant Sequoia Youth Project


California's Central Valley has been historically underrepresented, even though it has been the Breadbasket of the World for years. Many children work, alongside their families, in the agricultural fields on days off from school, not having the luxury to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Many families are low income, [...]

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