Women Leadership Development Program


The Women Empowerment program is a community platform that empowers Afghan women through their leadership learning center. The two-week learning program happens in Jalalabad, Behsood, Surkhood, and Karma districts of the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. The summit will [...]

Tree is Life – Tree Planting


The Tree Planting project is designed by John Mabula to sensitize his community and fellow Tanzanians about environmental conservation, tree planting, and a clean environment. This work includes sensitizing and training individuals on how to plant, grow, and [...]

Peter Adeeko – War Widows Development Scheme


Soulace Africa War Widows Development Scheme is a community based veterans widow's empowerment initiative in Ibadan, Nigeria. This program is designed to advocate for social inclusion, sustainable income generation, and decent employment of veterans widow's in the community.

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