Heather Dahman, Karen Asp, Dani Wagner – Fort Wayne Veg ‘n Brew Fest


Fort Wayne Veg ‘n Brew Fest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization made up of caring, compassionate individuals who embrace the vegan lifestyle. The organization is committed to raising awareness about how our food and lifestyle choices affect animals, the environment and ultimately, our health. Our free festival at Headwater's Park [...]

Teri Schmidt – Project Becoming our Best Challenge


Pairing fitness and service, Project Becoming our Best develops strong and compassionate leaders of tomorrow. This initiative combines fun fitness challenges with meaningful volunteering experiences for children and their families. Participants learn perseverance, practicing goal selection, pursuit, and achievement. They develop empathy as they are exposed to community needs, learn [...]

Tulsa Little Free Libraries – Zuzana Chovanec, Stephanie Younis, Jonathan Townsend, Kate Blalack – Transporting Education and Literacy into Open Spaces (TELOS)


Tulsa Little Free Libraries, Inc. (T.E.L.O.S, Inc.) pilot project will bring Little Free Libraries to City of Tulsa Parks. The concept of the Little Free Library is of a neighborhood library, where community members can share books. Today there are some 20,000 units that are registered on an online database [...]

Paul, Amos, Moses – Jamii Soccer Academy


Jamii Soccer Academy is a community sporting organization with a purpose to support talented youth for development and real life experiences to empower them to live dignified livelihoods. This project identifies and recruits youth with football talents from Kwanza sub-county-Kitale and trains them to become seasoned footballers. Through collaborations with [...]

Cadre Jockus-Paralegal, Biira Sarah – Sensitizing women on their land rights in rural areas


The Foundation for Women in Development-Rwenzori (FOWID-R) was established to fight for the rights of rural woman in Kasese district, Western Uganda. The young rural women farmers realized that men were violating their rights whenever they harvested their produce. This launched the “Sensitizing women on their land rights in rural [...]

Derando Wonnie – Kiddiepreneur


The Kiddiepreneur project is the social entrepreneurial arm of the Pen International School located in Afife, one of the extremely deprived communities in the Volta Region of Ghana. Kiddiepreneur compliments the effort of the Pen International School by providing the much needed 21st century skills to marginalized children who otherwise [...]

Dr. Rose Cardarelli; Ms. Danielle De La Fuente; The Amal Alliance – The Amal Alliance, Inc


The Amal Alliance is a non-profit organization that brings alternate education, books, education materials, sports and yoga activities and nutritious snacks to displaced children living in refugee camps around the world during their formative years. Through education, physical activity programs and a safe place to gather, they plant the seeds [...]

Cynthia Dailey, Justin Dailey, Keevan Dantzler, Pierre Estes, Alyson Shaler, James Miletello – Say Grace Initiative


 The "Say GRACE Initiative” is Grace Housing Complex call to action to revitalize Chicago’s South Deering, Roseland, and Englewood Communities. "GRACE” is an acronym for Greet, Relationships, Assistance, Communication, & Evaluation, and it is a model through which we will convene community residents, leaders, and officials to participate in a [...]

Mrs Alphonsine Apendeki – Prevention of climate change adaptation through planting fruit trees at Makobola /FIZI -DR.Congo.


The Prevention of climate change adaptation through planting fruit trees at Makobola /FIZI -DR.Congo. project is a women in action network aimed that defends and promotes human rights with a focus on women and children living in hardship like pygmies, women victims of sexual abuse, gender based violence and orphan [...]

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