We Provide Seed Grants for Global
Animal Advocacy Initiatives

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Animal Welfare Grants

We support individuals and groups who are working to protect animals. We’re eager to fund projects that aim to have a large impact on animal welfare and we are especially interested in work focused on:

  • Reducing the consumption of land and sea animals raised using industrial agriculture practices
  • Advocating for farmed animal welfare
  • Helping animals that are not usually the focus of animal welfare efforts

We are a vegan organization guided by values of compassion consciousness. Our grants are open for anyone in the world whose work is focused on helping animals, and we also have a special focus on receiving applications from people in Brazil, India, and Mexico who are involved in farmed animal advocacy.

What We Provide:

A $1000 Seed Grant

Connection to a Network of Other Activists and Resources

Opportunities to Participate in Capacity-Building Trainings

Examples of Projects We Can Provide Funding For:

  • Vegan advocacy
  • Farmed animal welfare campaigns targeting corporations or legislation
  • Raising awareness around farmed animal cruelty
  • Meat-free challenges
  • Vegan options at schools or restaurants

Animal Activists We’ve Provided Seed Grants To:

Open Cages Chicken Welfare
Open Cages

Connor Jackson’s fight to improve broiler chicken welfare.

Campaign aim:

Significantly improve broiler chicken welfare | Connor Jackson, Open Cages UK

An estimated 1 billion broiler chickens are farmed in the UK every single year. They’ve been selectively bred to grow at incredibly fast rates, they live in overcrowded and dirty conditions and many have severe health issues.

These disheartening stats drove Connor Jackson to start the Open Cages UK campaign, which has the sole aim of improving the welfare of these animals.

Since receiving the $1000 seed grant from the Pollination Project, three undercover investigations have been published in some of the UK’s most widely read tabloids, such as The Daily Mail and The Times. This has put significant pressure on the reluctant retailer to take action

Guillermo Moreno’s campaign to install CCTV in all slaughter houses.

Campaign aim:

Install CCTV in all slaughter houses | Guillermo Moreno, Equalia

The incredibly important campaign “Right to information – Install CCTV in all slaughterhouses” was launched in November 2018, requesting mandatory CCTV cameras to be installed in every Spanish slaughterhouse to prevent animal cruelty and keep save regulations in terms of food security.

After 1 year and 9 months of campaigning, according to their estimations, more than 70% of all slaughtered animals are being slaughtered with the surveillance cameras. And this measure is impacting 637 million farm animals per year in Spain. 

In addition to this,  Non Legislative Motions in 4 autonomous communities were passed: Navarra, La Rioja, Madrid and Baleares.


Captain To Add CCTV To Slaughterhouses
Equalia Animal Suffering Spain
Anti Speciesism Campaign
Brigada Animal Mexico

Poli Sotomayor’s campaign for anti-speciesism and protection for all animals.

Anti-speciesism and protection for all animals | Poli Sotomayor – Brigada Animal Mexico 

Poli Sotomayer runs Brigada Animal Mexico, an organization that focuses on anti-speciesism and advocates for protection for all animals. Prior to the pandemic, Poli and her team conducted a national tour of Mexico, offering seminars to universities and weekly trainings to activists on effective animal advocacy throughout Mexico. This year with in-person restrictions, they have stayed engaged with their network online and on social media such as with their audiovisual educational anti-speciesism campaign.

“In this campaign, we have created discussion programs about topics of interest, workshops and training, community growth spaces, articles, infographics and educational videos. Our campaign has three goals:
to educate the general public on various forms of animal exploitation and on the sociability of various animal species;
to contribute to the training of activists for animal liberation,
to create a healthy activist community, through the provision of tools for community work (assertive communication, conflict resolution) and mental health (self-care).”