About the Global Animal Advocacy Program (GAAP)

Our goal is to strengthen farmed animal advocacy movements in Brazil, India, and Mexico by funding and supporting emergent grassroots leaders in this space.

What We Provide

A $1000 Seed Grant

Connection to a Network of Other Activists and Resources

Opportunities to Participate in Capacity-Building Trainings

General Eligibility

Any individual or group in Brazil, India, or Mexico who is working to create change for farmed animals.

Examples of Projects

• Email or letter-writing campaigns to protest farmed animal cruelty.

• Campaigns focused on changing corporate or government policies that affect farmed animals (for example, advocating for a law that requires the egg industry to implement a “cage free” policy)

• Petitions

• Undercover investigations that can be used to influence policies

• Other farmed animal advocacy work

Learn More About GAAP and Other Programs

If you aren’t sure if your project is a fit for GAAP or if you’d like more information, email our Animal Advocacy Coordinator Tessa Graham.

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To learn more about our other farmed animal grant opportunities around the world, see our Tipping Point program.

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Animal Advocates Meditation Retreat

The Pollination Project is committed to supporting animal advocates in many ways beyond just seed funding. Click here to access the digital recordings of a virtual meditation retreat for animal advocates that you can move through at your own pace. You can read one participant’s account of their experience in this retreat here (English, Spanish, and Portuguese).

Our focus for this program is on farmed animal advocacy in Brazil, India & Mexico, but our network of compassionate animal advocates is international.

Read stories of #changemakers from our global community below.