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Global Animal Advocacy Program

Program Overview

In 2017-2018, we are proud to partner with Open Philanthropy Project to offer $100,000 in small grants to animal activists around the world. We are targeting our efforts in Brazil, Mexico, India and the Greater China Region due to the prevalence of factory farming in those locations. However, we welcome applications from animal activists anywhere in the world.

The GAAP Team

Rosana Ng
Greater China Region
Meghan Lowery
United States

Program News

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DT NEXT, October 2017

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Inside Philanthropy, November 2016

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Our Hen House, January 2018

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By Ariel Nessel,
Huffington Post, June 2017

Xochitl RiveraAdopt a pet without thinking, main cause of abandonment

By Rivera Villanueva,
Eltrochilero, May 2017

2nd edition of the Vegetarian Nutrition Course

Sociedade Vegetariana, April 2017

washington post stop chicken cagingHow eggs became a victory for the animal welfare movement

By Karin Brulliard,
The Washington Post, August 2016

Grants Made

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