About the Global Animal Advocacy Program

In 2017-2018, we partnered with Open Philanthropy Project to offer $100,000 in small grants to activists working on behalf of animals in Brazil, Mexico, India, and the Greater China Region. We believe local changemakers are best positioned to ensure our grants are appropriate and impactful, and that we are approaching our work in a way that best supports and serves animal activists in these countries.

Program Objectives

Support Growth of Effective Advocacy

Support the growth of effective and connected movements that form a foundation from which animal advocates can address the inherent cruelty associated with factory farming in these locations

Provide Interconnection

 Demonstrate belief in small-scale projects with the intent to provide opportunities for interconnection between activists so that they may capitalize upon their collective power to effect more change and possibly engage in bigger movements

What Can $1,000 Do in the Global Animal Advocacy Program?

Here are some examples:

5 Million

Number of views of a Facebook page of a vegan documentary funded by TPP in India


Arvind Sundarraj Kannan
Project: Tamil Vegan Infotainment

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Number of days a video team will explore the region of Sertão (where animal exploitation is the norm) spreading compassion and empathy for animals in hopes of sparking a vegan movement in Brazil


Cecilia Barbosa
Project: Bora Veganizar no Sertão

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Number of young people reached through performances of a play about the humane treatment of animals in Hong Kong


Shawny Osgerby
Project: Humane Theatre

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“We are always thankful for all the support. The sanctuary is succeeding due in large part because of the support of The Pollination Project and this means that the history for animals in my country is changing for the better. All the support The Pollination Project is giving is helping us to provide more education, new tools, and better ways to directly and indirectly, help more animals.”

— Juliana Castaneda Turner, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, Colombia

Grants Made Within the Global Animal Advocacy Program

How To Apply For A Grant In This Program

This program is currently at capacity and therefore closed. However, we still encourage you to apply for a grant as we often accept project applications relating to these objectives through our general seed grant program.

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