We’re all in this together!

The Pollination Project has been dedicated to grassroots leadership, global kindness, and uplifting individual action since 2013. In fact, we have built a network of changemakers that is over 3,750 strong and operating in 115 countries. We use the money we raise to offer each of these leaders $1,000 in seed funding, belief, capacity-building support, and connectivity with others in their community or issue area. This belief in the power of grassroots leaders is central to how we have chosen to respond to COVID-19.

From March – August 2020, The Pollination Project redirected all of our focus, support, and seed funding to uplifting the selfless actions of frontline grassroots volunteers working in response to COVID-19 in their communities. During this crucial period, we felt that quickly getting much needed support to projects focused on direct needs around water, sanitation, and hygiene; community & emotional resilience; and the virtualization and adaptation of existing grassroots projects was key to help communities around the world prepare for and adapt to the rapidly spreading pandemic.

We launched our COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund in late March, and the response that we saw was incredible. During this 4 month period, we received over 4000 proposals and funded more than 300 projects in 42 countries.

After 4 months of focusing solely on quickly getting Rapid Response funding into the hands of local leaders directing efforts to address COVID-19, we feel that the time is now right to reopen our doors to any applicant who has a vision for how best to support their community in this moment. The effects of COVID-19 reach deep into our communities and we believe that individuals are well placed to identify and address those broader needs. Proposals designed to address COVID-19 needs are still accepted and welcome, yet now those are part of our regular daily grantmaking process.