Clement Awanfe Ngueto

by | Mar 15, 1924 | Grant Advisors

Clement is the Founder-President of Global Compassion, a non-profit based organization in Douala, Cameroon. Global Compassion has worked with an international and local team of volunteers/interns (including visitors from UK, Cameroon and USA) to create and develop projects that will help the Santchou community to be self-sufficient in the near future (Potable water project, Computer lab center, empowering rural women and peace education for youth). Global Compassion received a Pollination Project grant in early 2015.

Clement’s passion is to contribute his skills and experience to community initiatives, and to grow small businesses managed by women and youth in rural areas. His aim is to transform rural communities by putting youth and women in the center of social development using small financial resources to create big impact on the ground.
Clement is an independent consultant at Top Tier Liaison and Conflict Resolution Services LLC in Arizona, USA; the President of Mabé Youth Association since 2015; and a consultant for project development in Nlate Ban San-Nzock cultural association in Santchou.

Additionally, Clement has experience in peacebuilding (conflict management and negotiation) through distance learning with USIP (, the University of Amsterdam through a scholarship from the European Commission, and the North South Centre for The Council of Europe. He is also among the 100 youth fellows selected for an interfaith co-existence, intercultural and peacebuilding program called “A Common Word Among the Youth” that includes several trainings and conferences in Africa, Europe and America.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth