Catherine Perry

by | Mar 25, 1924 | Grant Advisors

An ethical vegan, Catherine Perry teaches French and Francophone literatures, cultures, and film at the University of Notre Dame, where she also serves as advisor to the fledgling student club VegND, created in 2015.

Passionate about social justice, human rights, animal rights, and environmental rights, she integrates these values in her courses. She is also keen on teaching materials that promote intercultural dialogue and understanding. In the Michiana region where she lives, she has been organizing Meetups for veg*ns, not only to provide mutual encouragement but also to raise awareness of their presence in the community.

Having lived in both Switzerland and Morocco for many years, Catherine has extensive international experience. It is a joy and an honor for her to work for an association that advocates peace and compassion and that supports people who dedicate their energy to these great causes.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth