Batale Fred

by | Mar 7, 1925 | Grant Advisors

Batale Fred graduated as a visual artist from university, where he acquired various knowledge, skills and experience in working with different creative methods. His artistic practices deals with themes of disability empowerment, rights, and advocacy. Given the challenges he faces in Uganda living as a person with disability, he knows that he is not the only individual with such challenges. That is why he works to empower others like himself and educate the greater community that any one person is capable of pursuing their dreams through Disability
Art Project Uganda.

Fred is the founder and director of Disability Art Project Uganda (DAPU) for which he received a Pollination Project grant. DAPU is a community of people with disabilities who come together with an aim of empowering other fellow with disabilities to develop practical skills, confidence and fulfill creative potential.

DAPU was established to offer art and design skills to people with disabilities living on streets and slums to create unique products which in turn provide economic stability and lift people with disabilities off the streets and to lobby and advocate for disability rights through art projects.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth