Shodo Spring, Compassionate Earth Walk

Shodo Spring, Compassionate Earth WalkThis project is part of my vow to stop climate change. I didn’t take this vow; it took me. - Shodo Spring

Shodo Spring is a long time activist, a grandmother of four, a buddhist practitioner and Zen teacher.  She was arrested during a Keystone Pipeline protest in 2011.  Shodo writes, “while in a winter-long monastic retreat, I received a vision of walking along the pipeline with a group of people. The vision persisted and I accepted it as my major assignment for this lifetime.”

Shodo has assembled a core group of walkers and support people to make a 3 month pilgrimage along the Great Plains Keystone XL pipeline route this summer.   The team starts in Hardisty, Alberta, Canada where the new pipeline construction is slated to begin, and walk south on roads near the pipeline route, living as intentional, committed, spiritual community, and offering service and educational events to communities along the way.  They are working with local groups to arrange events and also film a documentary.

Shodo Spring and the Compassionate Earth Walk came to us from our partners, Buddhist Peace Fellowship.