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Program Overview

The hope for our collective future lives in our youth.

That’s why The Pollination Project has teamed up with the Fox Family to offer seed grants for projects that nurture the compassionate, visionary leadership of our nation’s youth. From the East Coast, to the South, and the West Coast to the Midwest of America, this US-based program will offer 30 plus mini grants to programs that support young people in overcoming obstacles and persevering as the community leaders of tomorrow. Our Youth Development Fellows are on stand by, ready to provide guidance to the dreamers of tomorrow.

Leadership Team

Jamila Banks
Youth Leadership Team Leader
Los Angeles, CA
Steve Barr
Youth Leadership Fellow
North Carolina
Ralitsa Rano
Youth Leadership Fellow
Desire Johnson-Forte
Youth Leadership Fellow
Oakland, CA
Jessica London-Shields
Youth Leadership Fellow
Chicago, IL
Alicia White
Youth Leadership Fellow
New York
Nicole Javorsky
Youth Leadership Fellow
New York
Trish Schappell
Youth Leadership Fellow
Houston, TX

Program News

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February, 2017

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January, 2017

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June, 2016

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January 11th 2016

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