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our grantees are awesome

From Atlanta to Nairobi, Bogota to Chennai, we fund startup projects in every corner of the globe. We are proud to offer Pollination Project seed grants to these individuals and grassroots groups who are making their communities and the world a better place for all.


As of
July 2018

Total Grants Made
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Countries Funded

Adina Lichtman, Tess Cimino – Knock Knock Give A Sock

“Knock Knock Give A Sock” is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing the stigma of homelessness by bringing neighbors together through the distribution of donated goods to those facing homelessness. This project aims to create a world where individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds share, listen, and ultimately know their neighbor (in order to) leading to stronger communities.


Chauncy Williams – Young Men of Destiny/ Young Brothers

Young Men of Destiny is a community driven organization that aims to tackle the issue of violence by incorporating strategies that can increase school retention. The project consists of participants who are male between the ages of 10-19, who struggle with particular issues ranging from; lack of parental support or guidance, absence of a father figure, lack of interest in education, criminal activity, or need for mentorship.


CBM: Holistic Digital Media Workshops – Chocolate Beats Media: Holistic Creative Media Workshops

The “Chocolate Beats Media: Holistic Creative Digital Media Workshop series” engages youth emotionally, holistically, and technically by exploring creativity through the use of healthy tools and the creation of a personal digital multi-media based project. The goal of the series is to educate youth about holistic self-care practices through use [...]

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