daily giving banks

Daily Givers: Your Newest Investors

Your Pollination Project grant was made by a team of people who give money every day to support our grantee projects. That means your project was funded not just by one person, but by this entire group of people.

These are people who are now financially and spiritually tied to your work. They care about you and your project. They are committed to nurturing the light and the goodness that you bring into the world. They will hear stories and see photos about your work. They will send you love and prayers from afar. They believe in you- that’s why they have invested in you.

So the next time you feel alone in your work, remember these people are all part of your team!
We are all rooting for you!

Ari & Rebecca Nessel

Birju and Anne Marie Pandya

Alissa Hauser

Stephanie Klempner

Nina Horne

Ted Riter

Tracy Carruth

Tashi Nyima

Tara Gardner

Aron Hauser & Tess Largent

The Friends of Service Space

Linda & Michael Wesseler

Kezia Jauron & Gary Smith

Maarten Ballintijn

Bela Shah

Leigh Bantovoglio

Peggy Hilden

Callie Paul

Wendy DeOre

Susan Juvelier

Sandra Parker

Caryn Bittker

Jamie Surenkamp

James & Denise West

Janine Francolini

Kathy Niager

Tony & Julie Pierce

Martin & Sandra Nessel

Steven Schraibman

Jeff Collins

Claudia Szerakowski

Dea Dea Baker

Adam Shapiro

Scot White

Michael Bock & Denise Lussier

Andrew Manning

Daniel & Ashley Rachman

David Charney

Margarita Cramer

River Cohen

Vic Sjodin

Anthony Metivier

Virginie and Emmanuel Leveque

Jill Lawrence

Erin Pinto

Jamila Banks

Dana Nessel

Danny & Lois Klempner