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How Does $1000 Make a Difference?

Ask Our Grantees!

Our grantees share how their Pollination Project seed grant helped them build and expand their startup projects.

Felix Iziomoh, Mowe Youth Leadership Empowerment Project, Ogun, Nigeria

Due to budget constraints, most of our leadership development trainings had always been in Lagos State Nigeria. With the support of the Pollination Project, we were able expand and successfully held a four week leadership development training for vulnerable youths in a community in Ibafo town, Ogun State for the first time [...]

William Bynum, Oroville Pollinators Project, Oroville, CA, USA

The TTP grant has been an honor for our small group of volunteers. It has validated our efforts to create a sanctuary for insect pollinators and human visitors in our community. The monies received have made it possible to extend our efforts through the purchase of blooming plants to add to depleted [...]

Alex Omondi, Child Destiny Foundation (Village Clinic), Nairobi, Kenya

First and foremost, the Pollination project is the mother, mentor and long serving partner of the child destiny foundation since, grants from the TPP were the first ever grants received by our project since inception. The grants has greatly played a huge role in shaping our project from a single village therapy [...]

Harry Behrens, Impact Harvest Garden, Vineland, NJ, USA

The confidence that The Pollination Project imparted on our project and the mission we lead has been a boost in our morale as an organization. At times our mission seems to be futile in that there are just so many families in need and we are just a small organization that makes [...]

Karen Snook, Kindred Spirits Care Farm, Los Angeles, CA, USA

We are so grateful for the support of the Pollination Project. You were one of the first organizations to support us and help get this project rolling. Your continued support has helped create something that inspires people and will help change lives. This work has already changed many lives for the better [...]

Tisha M Bernard, I Choose Peace, Los Angeles, CA, USA

This summer we had an amazing opportunity to run the I Choose Peace Academy camp with 20 youth, ages 11-13. Each day was filled with team building activities, skills for conflict resolution, mindfulness techniques, bully education and tools for prevention. The youth walked into the training not knowing each other and left [...]

Adam Dolezal, Dine Action Camp, Berkeley, CA, USA

Unfortunately the resistance at Standing Rock did not stop the Dakota Access Pipeline as oil now flows through it, but the vast activist networks that emerged out of such an unprecedented convergence of people acting to protect the water has fanned out across this continent and worldwide. It has not even been [...]

Thell Robinson III, Violence And Mediation, Columbus, OH, USA

Our Violence Intervention and Intervention program was able to perform 20 disputes among rival gang members and drug dealers that prevented fights, shootings and homicides that saved lives. With our 3 community events that we hosted this year, we were able to employ 58% of the youth that became a part of [...]

Doree Collins, Kids R.E.A.D., Temple, TX, USA

The grant made a difference to me on a personal level because it encouraged me in knowing that I am receiving support from others who are like minded and want to see great things happen. As I see others making a difference with the pollination project I am motivated to continue even [...]

Melanie Gilbert, Street Mutts, Nicaragua

On a personal level, our grant from The Pollination Project meant so much more than "just" receiving funding for our first international partnership. It meant that there was an organization out there who could see value in the work we are doing and was willing to take a chance in funding our [...]

Nora Ramirez, Oaxaqueño Youth Encuentro, SCICON – Tulare County, CA

With the support of the TPP, the organizing committee was able to invite a larger number of youths to the conference. This grant allowed us to invite youths from other regions that never before have been invited. Providing a safe space were youths can come together to reconnect with their ancestral ways [...]

Priscilla Umutashya Ruzibuka, Ki-pepeo kids clothing, Kigali, Rwanda

The $1000 grant from the pollination project was entirely used to buy high quality fabric and purchasing a finishing machine. To me the grant added my confidence knowing that people and organizations like The Pollination Project are ready to support young entrepreneurs working to change the lives of people in our communities. [...]

Vasanthi Kumar, Compassionate Classrooms, New Delhi, India

The Pollination Project grant has been one of the most encouraging things that has happened to my project "Compassionate Classrooms" in India. It was my first seed grant and I shall always remember it with warmth. Meeting Ariel Nessel, the founder of TPP, at the Pune (INDIA) retreat, two weeks back has [...]