Vincent Atitwa

by | Feb 14, 1905 | Grant Advisors

TPP Grant Recipient

Vincent Atitwa

I was born into an amazing family and life with little resources and constrained life opportunities that left me wanting. Safety, food, education: these have always been absent to me. It was in my studies of social problems in Kenya and my community that I began to realize that for many people in the world, no matter how hard they choose to work, they cannot achieve the same level of security and access to resources. They may always be hungry. They may never attend school. This may be their path not because of their choices, but because of the situation they were born into. Since realizing this I committed to using business solutions to tackle local problems.

My background is in water engineering, finance and entrepreneurship, and now I focus on community development. I learned these skills as an early founder of a community-based organization known as Matungu Community Development Charity(MCDC) that works together with community members in solving some of the pressing problems such as food insecurity, hunger and severe malnutrition, effects of climate change, and issues of public health. I was awarded a TPP grant for my project to cultivate orange flesh sweet potatoes, and also to establish a community computer lab.
I love what I do because of all the cliche things, including traveling to new locations, meeting new people who are passionate about life, and visiting the vulnerable members of communities .

Additionally, I have a deep longing for the days as a child where the simple things in life rule every moment.

Written by Carolyn Ashworth