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The Lisa Shapiro Award recognizes the quiet superheroes of our movement: people who work humbly behind the scenes, creating a world where animals do not have to suffer at the hands of humans. The Pollination Project gives no-strings-attached awards of $1000 each to ten unsung vegan heroes, selected by a diverse team of animal rights and vegan activists, movement leaders, authors and entrepreneurs. It is our way to acknowledge and uplift the love, commitment and hard work being done on behalf of animals in every corner of the world. Winners also receive a $100 donation made in their honor to any animal charity of their choice, as well as cross promotion on Our Hen House and Vegan Street.

The Awards are named in memory of Lisa Shapiro, a 2014 Unsung Vegan Hero Winner who passed away in June 2015 at the age of 50. Lisa was a fierce advocate for animals. Her legacy includes organizing hundreds of vegan events in her community, building and promoting vegan lifestyle brands, and inspiring and mentoring hundreds of new vegans.

You can learn more about Lisa and her superhero status here.

Winners Receive:

  • A $1000 no-strings attached award to be used however they wish.
  • A $100 donation in their honor to the animal rights or vegan charity of their choice.
  • Lots of social media promotion.
  • Promotion from Our Hen House, Vegan Street and ARZone.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Unsung Vegan Heroes work tirelessly and passionately as a voice for animals. They receive little if any recognition or glory for their work, yet they are unstoppable in their commitment to a more compassionate world for all beings. We are looking for people who have not received very much public recognition for their work. They likely have not received awards or media attention and they are not promoting a personal brand. Unsung Vegan Heroes are people who ask for nothing in return for their dedication to advocating for a more compassionate and just world for all beings. This award is our way of saying thank you, and acknowledging their service and commitment.
Lisa Shapiro was one of the judges for the first round of the Unsung Vegan Heroes Award in 2014. She also won an award that year for her behind-the-scenes work for animals in her hometown of Boulder, CO and all over the US. Lisa’s 2014 Award tribute was written by PETA Founder, Ingrid Newkirk and you can read it here. Sadly, Lisa passed away in June 2015 and her legacy lives on through many vegan and animal advocacy organizations, including The Pollination Project.
Ideally you would know the people you nominate. The more personal experience you have had with the nominee, the stronger the recommendation will be.
This award is for those whose entire life mirrors their commitment to animals, so please only nominate people who you know are vegan.
Yep. But make them good ones!
Yes. Although we prefer that your nomination comes from a friend, co-worker or colleague.
Only those who have NOT received a Pollination Project grant can win the Lisa Shapiro Award. If you aren’t sure if the person you want to nominate is a Pollination Project grantee, just do a search on our website for them using the handy dandy magnifying glass search icon on the main menu.
We are looking to celebrate those whose work has not yet been celebrated or acknowledged widely. If they have been in national media, or have won a national animal rights award, they are not eligible.
We are looking for people who are primarily volunteering their time and not on paid staff at animal rights organizations. However, if their unpaid/non salaried animal rights work is the primary reason for your nomination, feel free to submit a nomination focusing on their volunteer efforts.

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