The True Wealth Challenge: Rules of the Game

Guess what?  You have just been gifted $100 US!

Seriously, we are gifting you $100.

By accepting the gift, you become a trustee of the True Wealth Challenge and a steward for this money. We request you utilize it to create as much true wealth in the world as possible.

You can choose to circulate this money within your community, or hold it as a static resource for safe keeping. You can buy something material with it, or something intangible. You can choose to give this money in return for something, or you can offer it unconditionally. You can use it to consume something yourself, or you can choose to do something for another person – a friend, family member or even a stranger.  You can do whatever you want with it, as long as you are using it to create the conditions for true wealth.

Whatever you decide, treat this as an experiment to understand your relationship with money and how you are a conduit for its flow. There are no right answers. There are only opportunities to stretch our boundaries and learn in the process.

There are however, a few rules for this challenge.

  • You have 1 week to use the money and you must use all of it.  The Challenge starts on April 23, 2015 and ends on April 30, 2015.  Treat the money as a perishable resource- it will self destruct if you do not use it.
  • You can use no more than 25% of the money in any one way.

Your role is to question how much positive value (or “true wealth”)
you can ignite with the resources you possess.

You will likely  begin to unlock different forms of capital – from the subtle (like ties in your community, or inner well-being) to the tangible (like physical objects or financial resources in the bank).  Please keep track of how you use the money on this reflection form and observe any thoughts, concerns, feelings, considerations that arise in your decision making.

Please note, only those who were registered for and attended our launch call are eligible to participate.

We are looking forward to seeing where the Challenge takes you.
The Pollination Project Team

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