True Wealth. Its not about the money.

The Pollination Project is about to hit a huge milestone. This summer we will give our 1000th grant. That’s one million dollars in seed funding given to grassroots leaders making the world a better place for all.

Yet, the wealth that we’ve created and shared is about so much more than the money. Our goal is to use money as a vehicle to nurture what some call true wealth: the non-monetary forms of capital that make our communities truly rich. These include social ties that make communities more resilient, cultural traditions that strengthen our sense of self and community, and the experiences that shape us and transform our lives. Non-monetary capital is at the core of every grant we make- and these are the building blocks of true wealth. (Special thanks to our friends at Sacred Capital for this framework).

Our grantees frequently underscore this point when they tell us that the value of their grant is far more than the $1000 we gave. Our donors often say that they feel like they receive far more than they give. This is how we know we can be more than just another foundation giving away money- we can actually plant the seeds of more true wealth in the world.

We will be taking a deeper dive into these topics during the True Wealth Challenge starting on April 15th and will be sharing along the way!

Grantees are Saying:

The TPP Seed Grant was the first grant we received, and was the first glimpse we had into believing our dream organization could be a reality. There are so many opportunities to be shut down before you even start a grassroots project. The grant communicated to us that our project was worthy. – Jessica London Shields, She Crew Chicago, Illinois

Seleste Albury, Hair Care LoveIn starting my project, there were a lot of naysayers and people who simply did not understand or respect what my ultimate goal was. But through this grant, I found confidence, I regained my perseverance and I was given the ability to raise awareness outside of my comfort zone.
Seleste Albury, Hair Care Love, Boynton Beach, Florida

Osvaldo Ferrari, Dos Ruedas Por Mi Gente (Two Wheels For My People)It was thanks to you (not the money) but you guys was the first one to believe in my and my project, you gave your support, and made me kick my own ass to work harder. – Osvaldo Ferrari, Dos Ruedas Por Mi Gente, Latin America

How $1000 has made a difference

Osvaldo Ferrari, Dos Ruedas Por Mi Gente (Two Wheels For My People)


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As we celebrate the True Wealth that our amazing donors, grantees, community partners and volunteers have created in the world,
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Encourage your friends to apply, or apply for your own amazing social change project.

heartJoin the True Wealth Challenge, in partnership with Sacred Capital. It is a fun, hands-on experiential challenge where you can spend a week in April investing in and creating true wealth in the world. It is open to everyone and does not require money to join.

heartIf you want to experience the true joy that financial giving can bring, consider joining our daily giving community. For $1 a day, you can be part of the team who funds our daily grantees.

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