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The Pollination Project in the News

TPP Founder, Ari Nessel in the Daily Good

The Pollination Project: An Interview with Ari Nessel, January 2016 "Deven: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. My name is Deven and I'm your host for our global "Awakin Call". Welcome, and thank you for joining us today. Today, our special guest speaker is none other than Ari Nessel, and someone who really embodies to this theme of [...]

The Pollination Project in World Agroforestry Centre

Youth leading the way in agroforestry, August 2015 "Youth around the globe are taking leadership in protecting their environments and advocating for ecosystem protection." "An article in the Huffington Post profiles 20 youth leaders that have received seed grants from the The Pollination Project in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co and the Earth Island Institute's New Leaders [...]

The Pollination Project in The Chronicle of Philanthropy

What a Donor Learned After Giving $1 Million, $1,000 a Day, featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, August 10th 2015 "On January 1, 2013, the real-estate developer Ariel Nessel started giving out $1,000 a day, mainly to individuals with big ideas for projects that wouldn’t qualify for grants from larger foundations. Since then, his foundation, called the Pollination [...]

The Pollination Project in Levi & Strauss Co., UNZIPPED

The Pollination Project and LS&Co. Team Up on Environmental Grants, May 2015 “I’m always impressed with what young people can do before older people tell them that it is impossible,” said David Brower, the prominent environmentalist who spent the later years of his life mentoring youth. Driven by the desire to support youth who show innovation, vision and [...]

The Pollination Project in Times of San Diego

Grantmakers Strive to Strengthen Philanthropy in San Diego, featured in Times of San Diego, November 27th 2014. "On Nov. 14, nearly 160 representatives of foundations, corporate giving programs, and individual donors gathered in Balboa Park for the San Diego Grantmakers annual conference to learn from national experts and local leaders about how to improve the impact of philanthropy [...]

The Pollination Project in the Daily Good

The Pollination Project: Gifting A $1000 A Day A 13-year-old collects items for animal shelters. An 88-year-old offers up land to community agriculture. A young man trains prisoners in nonviolence. For Ari Nessel, each story is just another day along his journey in giving. After making a fortune in Dallas real estate, Ari wanted to give back. Yet [...]

Seed Money Sprouts Change for Tiny NonProfits: CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning- March 23, 2014 The 40-year-old Nessel created a foundation he calls the Pollination Project. Instead of writing a big check to an established charity, he chooses someone just getting started to receive his daily thousand-dollar donation. "One of the challenges with the way philanthropy is currently being done is there's such a disconnect between the givers [...]

Drive the District, Pollination Project Seed Funds Good Causes

Check out this great article about our work in Drive the District. The Pollination Project, a nonprofit founded by a Dallas-based businessman, is enabling activists to be the change they want to see. “We really want to get behind people and be their cheerleaders,” said executive director Alissa Hauser. Here’s how it works: Pollination Project awards $1,000 micro-grants [...]

Pollinate Good, Janine Francolini, Huffington Post

On the morning after Thanksgiving, I woke up to one email that erased all of the “Black Friday” messages that were bombarding my inbox. The profound words of truth and light from Ari Nessel, the founder of The Pollination Project embodied the authentic essence of our nation’s day of Giving Thanks. Ari’s message was written to his team of compassion activists [...]

Ari Nessel in Green Source DFW

Ari Nessel, Pollination Project founder and President, makes his living as a real estate redeveloper.  Check out this article in Green Source DFW about his eco-friendly and mindful approach to his "day job." As a devoted yoga practitioner, Ariel Nessel understands the importance of balance. As a green developer, the Dallas-real estate mogul has found a way to [...]

Borgen Magazine: Small Grants Combine to Make Real Change

Borgen Magazine posted an article about our approach to making micro grants.  Also profiled in the article is grantee, Ayla Schlosser.   "We’ve heard of the big dogs in global philanthropy, those monster pocketbooks that shell out millions and billions of dollars to worthy causes around the world. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Warren Buffet [...]

Pollination Philanthropy: More is More

"Pollination philanthropy focuses on seeding nascent social change projects and passionate and creative leadership. By dividing a large chunk of money into targeted micro-grants, more good work gets funded, and thus has a chance to grow and ultimately blossom in the world." "Pollination Philanthropy:  More is More" in Philanthropy Journal's "Inside Philanthropy" Blog.

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