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The Pollination Project in the News

Executive Director, Alissa Hauser in the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

The email that changed everything, September 2016 "In 2014, this email from a grant applicant hit our inboxes: “Your organization is really not treating people with respect. This is the second time I was told that there would be a delay in your organization’s decision. There were so many excuses such as staff changes, your organization’s uncertainty about [...]

TPP Founder, Ari Nessel in the Daily Good

The Pollination Project: An Interview with Ari Nessel, January 2016 "Deven: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. My name is Deven and I'm your host for our global "Awakin Call". Welcome, and thank you for joining us today. Today, our special guest speaker is none other than Ari Nessel, and someone who really embodies to this theme of [...]

Executive Director, Alissa Hauser receives a Passion Award, from The Passion Co.

Alissa Hauser - The Pollination Project, June 2015 "Born and raised in New Jersey, Hauser grew up in a politically active household, and soon moved to San Francisco to study and later work for nonprofits. Seeing an opportunity to bring more of business and startup acumen to the philanthropic world, Hauser, completed her MBA, and spent over 15 years leading, building [...]

The Pollination Project in Levi & Strauss Co., UNZIPPED

The Pollination Project and LS&Co. Team Up on Environmental Grants, May 2015 “I’m always impressed with what young people can do before older people tell them that it is impossible,” said David Brower, the prominent environmentalist who spent the later years of his life mentoring youth. Driven by the desire to support youth who show innovation, vision and [...]

The Pollination Project in Times of San Diego

Grantmakers Strive to Strengthen Philanthropy in San Diego, featured in Times of San Diego, November 27th 2014. "On Nov. 14, nearly 160 representatives of foundations, corporate giving programs, and individual donors gathered in Balboa Park for the San Diego Grantmakers annual conference to learn from national experts and local leaders about how to improve the impact of philanthropy [...]

A Better World on $1000 a Day, Mother Nature Network

April 4, 2014 “We’re not really looking for the next Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi,” says Nessel. “America doesn’t become great when we have a better president or better politicians. It’s when every citizen is taking things into their own hands — that’s when our world changes. The Pollination Project is our attempt to encourage everyone to take [...]

Do-gooder’s mission: Offer helping grands

From the Dallas Morning News, April 2, 2014 A year ago, high school student Michael Meng started the nonprofit Paint the World to spread the love of art to underprivileged children in the Dallas region. Challenged by a lack of funds, Meng turned to the Pollination Project, a nonprofit that gives away $1,000 a day to support grass-roots [...]

Seed Money Sprouts Change for Tiny NonProfits: CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning- March 23, 2014 The 40-year-old Nessel created a foundation he calls the Pollination Project. Instead of writing a big check to an established charity, he chooses someone just getting started to receive his daily thousand-dollar donation. "One of the challenges with the way philanthropy is currently being done is there's such a disconnect between the givers [...]

Maya Shea Penn featured on the TED Blog

This 13-year-old entrepreneur is out to change the world: A Q&A with Maya Penn  Maya Penn is a tiny, vibrant force of nature. She’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, animator, blogger, writer and illustrator. She runs a budding eco-friendly fashion business and a nonprofit for environmental awareness, and her mind churns constantly with new creative projects. And we should probably mention [...]

Elle Morgan in Centre Daily News, State College, PA

Elle Morgan, founder of the Elements of New Life Scripts, was just featured in her local paper in State College PA.  Elle also won a 2013 Impact Grant from the Pollination Project due to her outstanding use of her first seed grant. "Sometimes, a little bit goes a long way. For State College resident Elle Morgan, it only took a [...]

Stephanie Salisbury and Andie Kingsbury’s project on local news in South Bend, IN

Grantees, Stephanie Salisbury & Andie Kingsbury and their project, Green Olive Ministries, just received local news coverage in South Bend, Indiana. "A group of women in Elkhart is trying to help new moms save money.  Green Olive Ministries  plans to teach moms struggling to make ends meet to make their own cloth diapers. Organizers Andie Kingsbury and Stephanie Salisbury [...]

Vincent Atitwa’s Project Profiled in Africa Business Daily

Youths fight poverty with sweet potato venture Undeterred by unemployment and poverty, a Kakamega County youth group has ventured into the extraction of juice from yellow potatoes. The youths have been eking out a livelihood from unyielding soils, which can no longer support food production after being put under sugarcane farming for nearly three decades. Read More about Vincent [...]

Ari Nessel in Green Source DFW

Ari Nessel, Pollination Project founder and President, makes his living as a real estate redeveloper.  Check out this article in Green Source DFW about his eco-friendly and mindful approach to his "day job." As a devoted yoga practitioner, Ariel Nessel understands the importance of balance. As a green developer, the Dallas-real estate mogul has found a way to [...]

Maya Shea Penn Shares Stage with Ashton Kucher at Ted Youth

Grantee, Maya Penn, was recently featured at Ted Youth in New Orleans. Maya Penn is an entrepreneur who makes eco-friendly fashion, and who had the chops to build and maintain her retail website. Did we mention that she is also 13 years old? Here at TEDYouth, Penn shares why she decided to open a shop in the first place [...]

Tree and the Free Farm in Mission Local

The Mission Local News Blog posted this story about our grantee, Tree, and the Free Farm. The Mission Local News Blog posted this story about our grantee, Tree, and the Free Farm. A three-year-old community farm in the Western Addition that distributes free food in the Mission and elsewhere is being forced to dig up its roots to [...]

Jeff Kirschner & Litterati in USA TODAY

Meet a former tech entrepreneur who, thanks to a parental epiphany, has become obsessed with trash. And he's convinced that deep down many of us share his abhorrence of litter and want to do something about it. That's the driving force behind Kirschner's, a site that aims to leverage social networking as a means to help clean [...]

The 21-Day Kindness Challenge

The 21-Day Kindness Challenge launched on September 11th. 98 countries. 6000 people. And a collective tidal wave of good that inspired many — including young rapper-activist “Nimo” Patel at the Gandhi Ashram in India. Nimo wasted no time channeling that inspiration into an infectious music video.

Borgen Magazine: Small Grants Combine to Make Real Change

Borgen Magazine posted an article about our approach to making micro grants.  Also profiled in the article is grantee, Ayla Schlosser.   "We’ve heard of the big dogs in global philanthropy, those monster pocketbooks that shell out millions and billions of dollars to worthy causes around the world. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Warren Buffet [...]

DeJuana Golden in the Long Beach Press Telegram

Grantee, DeJuana Golden was recently profiled in the Long Beach Press Telegram for her project, Special Shades of Color. Excerpt: "When DeJuana Golden had her first child, CJ, she was excited and nervous; like most mothers, she was looking forward to holding her new baby. Shortly after CJ was born, however, Golden was shocked when the doctors said her [...]

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