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Seeds: Our Blog

Welcome to our blog! We use it to tell our grantees’ stories and to share more about what we are learning here at The Pollination Project.

Nourishing Our Youth

Do you remember the first time you were inspired as a child? Did you have people in your life to advocate for your health, education and overall wellbeing? As children, our self confidence and life perspective is highly impressionable. TPP grantees understand the need and value to equip youth with the tools and emotional support they need to explore the world through curious eyes, high self esteem and community driven goals. These youth driven projects prove there is no limit to how we can engage our younger [...]

Positive Perception

How do you identify your individual greatness? Although this can be discovered on one’s own, at TPP, we believe inner transformation is best discovered through communal experience with others. Recognizing the beauty and power in someone else mirrors the power that lies within us. This powerful cycle is a boundless act that never stops going. Read how the grantee projects below spread and encourage positive perception and group transformation. UFH – Alice Mini-Habitable Planet Workshop UFH – Alice Mini-Habitable Planet Workshop, located in [...]

Environmental Champions

The way TPP grantees engage with our planet is astounding and ever evolving. From organic farming, gardening, rain water harvesting and clean water initiatives, there are infinite ways to heal and develop a community. Although each project below is passionately created in a different region, all grantees are collectively striving to strengthen their community, and share knowledge and practices that preserve the planet. Katia, Aline, Karina – Projeto TransformAção CSEUR (TransformAction CSEUR) TransformAction CSEUR is project developed by Aonde Environmental Institute and its [...]

Spreading Magnificence

There are moments in life when our problems feel bigger than our wins. TPP grantees understand that the answer is not hoping the situation disappears, but to hold less faith in the problem and more appreciation in the communities that make life worth living for. This week’s TPP grantees empower their communities with knowledge and group experiences to transform their circumstances into new realities. Rameshwar Fundipalle & Amol Umbarje – Transforming The Cottage School Into Digital School Rameshwar Fundipalle’s project “Transforming the Cottage [...]

Existing Magnetism

TPP grantees generate change by utilizing the resources, knowledge and cultural traditions that already exist in communities around the world. They see the beauty in the land and talent within people that can be used to propel communities to new heights. Through wildlife conservation, sacred arts, and educating locals with the excellence that exists in their culture, the TPP grantee projects in this week’s blog empower individuals from within. Thank you for following their journey! Hana Ma, Yoshie Lewis, Gogee Self – No [...]

Renewable Leadership

TPP grantees continuously demonstrate that life struggles can transform into ongoing progression when we utilize the healing powers of our planet, provide people with sustainable hygienic resources, and bring communities back to nature. From community gardens to environmentally focused educational platforms, TPP grantees equip groups and individuals with the knowledge and tools to gain economic stability, restore creative thinking, and to connect with the planet every step of the way. Vicony’s Global Success World – Construction Of A Pit Latrine In Village Primary [...]

Knowledge Is Power

Education can be taught and received through infinite mediums. TPP grantees unite and educate their communities through art, curated trainings and basic necessities that allow others to fully follow their goals. Whether it is through literature, documentaries or thoughtful programming, TPP grantees provide an array of economic and educational solutions that include everyone. No one is left out in the journey towards a richer mindset, a sustainable future and a network of people to depend on. We hope you explore and enjoy this week’s grantee projects. [...]

Boundless Opportunity

Having a solid community is one of the most vital assets to our livelihood and forward progression. Being surrounded by people who affirm our strengths, potential and advocate for our human rights can change the outcome of our life experiences. As a child, receiving uplifting messaging, access to education, a clean environment and a route to financial freedom, is critical. TPP grantees are not only building projects and organizations to shift the world, but are also fostering a sense of unity in communities to grow forward together. [...]

Individual Ideas Influence Widespread Aspirations

All of our individual life experiences bring special insight and perspectives for how we see the world, and how we add towards collective expansion. The solutions and ideas that TPP grantees bring to their communities are endless and their unique experiences allow for boundless ingenuity. There is not a one-size-fits-all resolution to the dilemmas occurring around the globe. Fortunately, TPP grantees see first-hand what is missing in their communities and how to fill those voids while establishing new frameworks for long-lasting triumphs. Read about the latest grantee [...]

“Sport has the power to transform lives”: David Mulo changes the lives of Kenya’s youth through sports and leadership training

“They were my role models, I wanted to become like them, they were the gateway to my life path of sport for social impact. Sport kept me from becoming involved with drugs, alcohol and crime, it gave me a vision towards a better future…” These words from David Mulo about the people in his life who shared with him at a young age the importance of sports reveal the fragility of life as an impoverished child in Kenya. “The difficulties faced by youth in developing countries are [...]

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