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Welcome to our blog! We use it to tell our grantees’ stories and to share more about what we are learning here at The Pollination Project.

What We Say to Ourselves, We Say to the World

Creating a sense of belonging in our communities and helping others is a purpose and impact we all aspire to achieve, but it is not until we decide to jump in fully, with unshakable tenacity that lives are transformed. The latest TPP Grantees have found the sweet spot between being bold and righteous. Their journeys involve mistakes, hurdles, and vulnerability. Their dedication requires sharing personal achievements and failures in order to spread hope and relatability. The realizations they have made within themselves creates more space for others [...]

Collective Change Begins With One

TPP grantees know that every person is a part of the larger whole and it is our individual acts of helping, educating, communicating, welcoming and sharing joy with others that collectively lifts human kind and restores the planet.

Together We Build An Abundant World

Food insecurity, lack of employment, gender inequality and minimal healthcare resources are issues that plague communities all over the world. These projects prove that everyone can learn a skill to rejuvenate the planet and give voice to others who struggle with similar hurdles.

Seeds to Trees – A Month of Cultivating Change

TPP is proud to launch its campaign for Impact Grants, Seeds to Trees, a Month of Cultivating Change. Contribute this month and double your impact as we help exceptional leaders grow from Trees!

To change the world, start with what you know

For young people coming of age around the world the search for new opportunities to support themselves and their families often leads them away from the communities in which they grew up. From rural America to northern Nigeria, communities with few jobs and under-resourced schools struggle to raise connected, hopeful young people who have the skills needed to succeed. Yet around the world seemingly ordinary people are taking action. Determined in their efforts to create thriving, functional, and optimistic communities, they are addressing needs that would likely [...]

Working towards healthy communities for everyone: 14 stories to inspire us all

What does it mean for a community to be healthy and how can we ensure that more communities meet that standard? For the grantees that we celebrate today, there are many different answers but the common thread running through each of these amazing projects is that for a community to be healthy it must meet the needs of all community members. From work that supports the literal health of community members facing personal challenges, ensuring healthy and nourishing food is available, and giving young people in the [...]

Together We Are Powerful

Perhaps solving each of these problems seems insurmountable, beyond the scope of what anyone can achieve by themselves. Yet this week we share with you 14 examples of just what is possible when committed, bold community members recognize that their ideas have the power to change even the biggest issues.

Who has the ability to make a difference?

Every day The Pollination Project provides at least one small grant to a community led project around the world. Below are 14 of the latest projects we have been privileged enough to support. Just reading through the names of these project should give you a sense of what they’re all about: ‘empowering’, ‘tutoring’, ‘healing’, ‘dialogue’. These are extraordinary efforts and to us each of these 14 projects represent incredible individuals and communities who have a vision for the future of this planet that they are choosing to [...]

It Starts With Communities

The Pollination Project has funded grantees in over 110 countries working on almost any kind of project you can imagine (that almost is important - there’s always room for your idea as well!). And with that broad scope comes the question - what do they have in common? We think there are many answers to that question. But, for now, here’s a big one: community. The 14 projects below all represent efforts that are by community members, serve communities, and build community. They show us what can [...]

What is Your Unique Contribution to the World?

Though we are bound together by our shared humanity, each of us see the world from a unique perspective that is shaped by our experience– we feel joy for different reasons, we live through different challenges, and, in turn, we dream of changing the world in different ways and for different reasons. Though the 14 projects below address different issues in different ways, they each represent dreams of a better world becoming action. And for us they represent inspiration – it is never too late to make [...]

7 Activists on Community Outreach as a Means of Changing the World

Breaking the Stigma and Discrimination project is working to mitigate discrimination based on sexual orientation, identity, and gender expression within the LGBTI community in the Dominican Republic. They make visible the violations of human rights that often affect this base population, and collaborate with the formation of vulnerable groups. The group carries out training courses in the field of human rights of the educators and target population, serving as multipliers and replicating this information to other people in different vulnerable groups of the LGBT population, with special [...]

Movement is Healing, Especially for the Black Body

Dance and movement have been one of the main sources of release for me. As I examine the themes of the collection of grantees I’ve supported, a common throughline is that they all are rooted in expanding opportunities and spaces where bodies, young and old, agile and frail, male and female, can move.

The Power of Introducing Youth to Supplementary Learning Experiences

Under-represented youth are many times underserved in school because of the lack of resources their schools and communities have available. The lack of resources not only affect their traditional learning experience, but commonly lead to the nonexistence of supplementary educational experiences such as STEM, art, and etiquette programs.

Philanthropy Through Youth Eyes

I was 20 years old when I received my first Pollination Project (TPP) grant. As a sophomore in college, I had recently applied to the Clinton Global Initiative Conference and submitted a commitment to action for Get Them to the Green. The project? A week-long summer camp to engage young people in Chicago with topics related to environmental science, climate change, and sustainability. My vision was grand; we’d debate the causes behind climate change, visit urban gardens in Chicago and hear from various organizations in the city working [...]

Every Piece Has It’s Part: Our Message to [YOU]th Applying for a TPP Seed Grant

You’re HERE. Reading this blog. Trying to figure out - “should I go for a Pollination Project seed grant?” [Hopefully] You’ve checked out the website to see the photos and videos of people doing the things they love, working with and for the people they truly care about: and in this case, you’re seeing the smiling/inquisitive/accomplished/supported faces of kids, teens, youth, and young adults from around the world. And the world as we know it is … well, a large place to be. The earth is over [...]

Kindness…In All Shapes and Sizes

Global Kindness and Youth Leadership Team Members Happiness Sprinkling in Fairfax, CA. I believe in Kindness. Not just in acting kindly, but that kindness can save our world. Unfortunately, it seems to me we’ve become so busy and sometimes too greedy to take the time to help others. I say this is unfortunate because being kind makes us feel good and its contagious spreading ripples of joy. The beautiful thing is kindness comes in all shapes and sizes making it easy to be kind every day. [...]

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