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Seeds: Our Blog

Welcome to our blog! We use it to tell our grantees’ stories and to share more about what we are learning here at The Pollination Project.

On being essential, and being “other”

To be essential means to be absolutely necessary and extremely important. Before COVID-19, a list of “essential” people today might not have included grocery store cashiers, sanitation workers, or truck drivers; yet now, many are realizing the vital role they play in keeping us healthy, fed, and safe. I’ve been thinking about this idea of “essentialism,” how it is evolving, and why. The nature of the roles I described above hasn’t changed. The only shift that has occurred is within our own awareness.

Transformational Trust

We were starting to see the writing on the wall: COVID-19 was going to fundamentally change the world, to a greater extent than we could have ever imagined. It didn’t make sense to continue “business as usual.” In that meeting, we made a decision: we would pivot all of our focus to supporting frontline grassroots volunteers fighting COVID-19. We never looked back.

First Responders in the Pollination Nation

It is a commonly held myth that when disaster strikes, those impacted are paralyzed by shock and helplessness. Social psychologists have studied this across all types of disasters and found that the exact opposite is true. The first responders in disaster are rarely ever professionals working in an official capacity. In most cases, they are survivors themselves.

In the time of COVID-19, who gets to change the world?

One thing is clear — while we all feel the impact of COVID-19, we aren’t experiencing it the same way. Social distancing, shelter in place, and strict attention to hygiene are the dominant refrains here in the United States, and many are struggling with the isolation and abnormality of these measures. Yet in many parts of the world, these guidelines are an unattainable luxury, impossible to conceptualize in the context of crowded urban slums, refugee camps, and impoverished cities with little access to running water.

Compassion In Crisis: Changemakers Support Vulnerable Groups During COVID-19

TPP changemakers have the ability to pivot and prioritize the immediate need of their communities, families, and the world. This week’s grantees have all stepped forward to ensure their neighbors are safe and have access to vital resources during the COVID-19 crisis. These grantees have either created a new outlet or used their existing capabilities to extend a helping hand to vulnerable groups who need it the most. Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Is on the Rise with COVID-19. Here’s What One Woman [...]

Social Sustainability

TPP grantees are attached to the fundamentals that will grow their communities and nourish the qualities that need to emerge within every individual. They implement social sustainability by honoring the planet, expanding access to technical resources, promoting authentic expression and preserving peoples livelihoods. Every project below helps remove suppressed emotion and sheds light on what there is to gain and the infinite paths to explore. Marisa Rafal – The New Hampshire Toy Library Network Adapted play material for children with disabilities can be [...]

In Solidarity: The TPP Community & the Coronavirus

Our community of changemakers means everything to us–we exist to support it, to support you. Our goals have been and always will be the same: to uplift and empower individuals to create change for a more compassionate world. So when our community undergoes hardship, we take it very seriously, and we want to make sure that no member of our community feels alone. Our team is here to listen, provide guidance, and encourage you as our world grapples with the coronavirus outbreak.

Global Practices

TPP grantees demonstrate and capture the beauty of placing matters into the hands of the community and how to reconfigure present and future moments with the resources and opportunities that currently exist. Taking charge of the current moment is how to create future possibilities. No action, word or emotion is lost. TPP grantees understand this sentiment and apply intentionality and mindfulness in the experiences they create, the ideas they foster and the people they interact with. They have a desire to consciously commune and an appetite for [...]

The Power of Art

Art has its own unique and special way of spreading self expression and magnifying the voices of communities around the world. TPP grantees incorporate all forms of art and encourage individuals to create with their mind, body and spirit. Whether it is a workshop to empower youth or a training system to amplify the skill set of hopeful adults, art is always present. The grantee projects below beautifully demonstrate how art can be perceived, and that fostering communities and uplifting individuals is an art form in and [...]

Am I Good Enough?

...the real problem lies somewhere else: how to make sure that people who care about social change do not retreat because they fear failure and do not quit because they are convinced that they are not good enough...

Global Activists

Change begins with having a dream or an idea. It is accomplished with leadership, determination and a loyal community that is eager to join the movement. The grantee projects below demonstrate what occurs when someone becomes proactive about their curiosity and follows their impulse to create rather than being halted by the possibility of failure. Vision holding for others and growing into something more grand begins the moment the seed is planted. Read the projects below to discover the progress that has bloomed. [...]


The TPP grantees featured below are dedicated to helping women and children explore and succeed on a path towards economic and emotional stability, and detach from the perception of displacement. There is never only one individual who is experiencing a life challenge or a desire to learn, grow and take care of their families. These projects demonstrate that no one stands alone, and real change is created when communities unite and have selfless leaders to light the way. Laura Omolara Williams – WADSSWOMEN [...]

“You Can’t Unsee It”: Ann Ratnayake Macy Take on Policy Gaps in Child Torture Cases

TPP provided a grant to NCCASP in publishing a groundbreaking article that brings light to this gap in the U.S. criminal code. NCCASP was able to document the gap within state criminal codes and publish a groundbreaking article in Journel of Child and Youth Review in 2019. This report educates legislatures on the issue for the purpose of updating state criminal codes to close loopholes in child torture cases.

One For All, All For One

There are infinite issues and concerns in the world that seem crushingly overwhelming to tackle and transform. TPP grantees use this as an opportunity to implement local change and include others in the mission to solve global hardships without the burden or pressure. When someone has the opportunity to learn a new skill set, or is given the space to imagine, dream, and share their perspective freely, worldwide concerns begin to shift. Seed grants produce higher probabilities for advancement, and TPP grantees forge freedom and unshakable foundations. [...]

Be Inspired by a New TPP Video Featuring David Mulo & Green-Kenya

This video is the latest in The Pollination Project’s “Profiles in Compassion” video series and beautifully illustrates how a small initial seed grant from TPP provided Mulo the belief he needed to launch an organization that has since reached more than 4,000 children in Kenya.

Two TPP Grantees Join Forces to Plan a Valentine’s Day Gift for Mother Earth

Before being introduced by TPP’s Grantee Community and Special Program Developer, Selene Gonzalez-Carrillo, TPP grantees Nina Magpili-Smith and Becky Suzik, both working in North Carolina, didn’t know about their mutual connection to TPP. Later, after meeting in person at a TPP grantee gathering, Magpili-Smith and Suzik decided to join forces to plan an upcoming event that captured both their hearts: the Valentine’s Day Climate March.

Open Hearts, Inclusive Minds

TPP grantees are masters at rekindling the spark that lives inside each and every one of us. They allow their communities to approach life with confidence, and challenge limiting societal views of what can and can not be achieved. Through imagination and solid project execution, TPP grantees heal the world through environmental education, lending a hand to underserved groups and instilling youth with unwavering inner strength and creative drive. Regardless of what has or has not been done, TPP grantees carve their own paths and welcome everyone [...]

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