Anti Oppression & Anti-Racist Resources for White Allies

We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.  – Bernice Johnson Reagon from Ella’s Song (about civil rights leader, Ella Baker.)

If you found this page, it likely means that you are thinking about and wanting to learn more about issues of oppression via race, class and power. Thank you for taking a deeper dive on these issues.

To be an effective advocate for justice, and to work in diverse groups, having a solid background in and well-informed sensitivity to these issues can be extremely helpful.

We acknowledge that for some, these highly complex issues can be triggering and confronting.  Some of the language used in this body of work might initially be off-putting to well meaning white activists who want to learn more.  It is common, when actively committed to anti-oppression organizing work, for white activists to keep finding a lot of blindspots they never knew they had.

So, we encourage you to approach this area of inquiry with an open mind.  Try to push past any discomfort or defensiveness that arises for you.  The resources below contain a treasure chest of knowledge, insight and material that we hope will impact your work and your life in positive ways.

We hope this is just another step on your lifelong path to become a more conscious and effective justice advocate and ally.


Animal Rights Specific

Lauren Ornelas and Dr. Breeze Harper, The Color of Animal Rights

Whites Educating Whites, “Dear White Vegans, this is Your Collection Agency Calling”

The Problem with Saying “All Lives Matter,” Relevant Magazine.

Black Vegans Rock, Aph Ko

Sistah Vegan Project, Dr. Breeze Harper


Anti-Oppression and Ally Trainings

People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, Undoing Racism Training

Showing Up for Racial Justice is a group of organized white allies all over the US.

The Catalyst Project offers trainings in anti racist organizing for groups, organizations and individuals.

Fierce Allies offers training, facilitation and coaching for individuals and groups that desire to build true partnerships across divides of privilege such as race and class.


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