Grant Projects Tagged With Youth
Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Kimberly Raff – Foster Alumni Mentors – Who We Are Campaign


Foster Alumni Mentors (FAM) project aims to provide a strong support system for Foster Alumni who are doing well to increase opportunities for success and personal growth. This project provides mentoring, networking, advocacy, and workshops to create a community where Foster Alumni are supported, prepared and confident. Through the Who [...]

Indrajit Sinha – Engine Room, The Upcycled School Project


Engine Room- The upcycled school project aims to support children to learn life skills, sustainable living and waste management. This project’s model resolves problems of waste management, value creation and low grades in Mathematics and English while learning about life skills and sustainable living. Through this project, students and school [...]

Rose Otieno – Music for Improving Literacy Project


The “Music for Improving Literacy Project” aims to promote literacy through music. This literacy program equips preschool children attending under-resourced village schools. Through this project children will be engaged in music and dance activities, storytelling and drama performances to enhance literacy in Koyango villages in western Kenya.

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