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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Karen McCarthy – YES Youth Work Team Program



YES, Youth Empowerment Services, was started by Kauz and Karen McCarthy as a program to assist youth in developing the skills needed to be successful in life after graduation. YES, located in Anaconda, Montana, addresses life skills, social skills and work skills in creative and fun formats. The YES Youth [...]

James Nathaniel – Bicycle Project



James Nathaniel, James Kirima, and Beatrice Elias are visionary leaders working on the Bicycle Project in Moshi-Kilimanjaro. Their mission is to increase assess to education for orphans and other vulnerable students who walk 5 to 7 kilometers to school. In these situations, bicycles will be used in order to reach [...]

Eric Omwanda Nehemiah, James Ndung’u – Beyond Skills

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Beyond Skills is a project that focuses on photography, life skills and sustainability for youth from the Mathare slums and Mathare Foundation. The rising cases of youth radicalization prompted this project, which seeks to offer alternative ways of engaging young people from Mathare slums and its environs. The project has [...]

Jenna and Jessica Lee – A Film and Food

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Two vegan sisters Jenna and Jessica Lee are the hostesses of A Film and Food, whose purpose is to educate peers of high school students at Notre Dame Academy High School in Los Angeles through a screening of the documentary Cowspiracy and providing delicious vegan food for everyone to enjoy. [...]

Rochelle Howard, My Little Black Dress of Success (M.L.B.D.S.) Mentorship Program



The "My Little Black Dress of Success" Mentorship Program was created by Rochelle E. Howard. The program is designed to assist young girls as they transition from phase to phase. Life skills such as etiquette, budget/money management, making healthy choices and conflict resolution are just a few of the skills [...]

Joseph Ithagu, Fortune 40 Project

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After a great struggle to raise funds for his own college education, Joseph Ithagu started the Fortune 40 Project, a crowdfunding system that aims to raise college funds for 40 poor, vulnerable and marginalized youths in Kilifi County, Kenya each year. In partnership with Guru Institute Kenya, the project is [...]

Pam Deboer, Everyone Can Play



Special education administrator, Pam DeBoer, observed students with challenges in the school yard, self-isolating and roaming the yard during play. Unfortunately, when the school was built, a play structure was not included in the play yard. PlayAfter classroom lessons were held for students to build an understanding about children with [...]

Aleeia Abraham and Rodney Hill – Prototype Music Light House of Art Project



The Light House of Art Program is a short-term, free performing arts initiative of Prototype Music that is now expanding into local family shelters in Queens, New York. Prototype Music is a Jamaica, Queens-based youth-centric arts organization, committed to discovering, developing, showcasing, and mentoring youthful talent emerging from Queens’ often [...]

Shea Norris, Sovereign Seeds & Starts



Sovereign Seeds & Starts is a student-led fundraising effort focused on providing traditional and organic heirloom indigenous seeds and starts from all across Indian country and South and Central America to the Bay Area community through venues such as Pow Wows, community events, and farmers markets. The gardening and planting [...]

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