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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

ASAFO Community Development Association – The Muhiyyidin D’baha Leadership Academy


The Muhiyyidin D'baha Leadership Academy is a free, African centered after-school in South Carolina, US, designed to solve the problem of failing schools in low income communities. Children are instructed in math and reading with African culture integrated, and are taught methods of critical thinking and analysis. The leadership academy [...]

Genaro Aguilar – LEGACY Youth Project, Transforming Napa Valley through Artistic Self-Expression


The LEGACY Youth Project (LYP) is a “transformative educational and community experience for at-promise youth of the Napa Valley” who’ve been traditionally marginalized and underserved. Through an academic class for 5th-12th grade students, LYP develops the hearts and minds of these scholar warriors while preparing their humanity for a life [...]

Fair Opportunity Project Team – Fair Opportunity Project


Fair Opportunity Project is a non-profit organization founded by Cole Scanlon and Luke Heine to improve the likelihood that young people in underperforming schools have equal opportunity to attend college. Drawing from their own personal experiences, they knew that comprehensive information on college admissions was not readily available or well [...]

Michael Chapman working with Congregations Organizing For Renewal (COR) and Residents Insisting on Social Equity – One Community, One Voice


Michael Chapman, A San Francisco Bay Area native grassroots community organizer, is the founder of the project, Storytelling: Voicing The Needs of the Community in South Alameda County (Hayward, Union City, Fremont). Storytelling is a multi-media project that will lift up the voices of youth and families demanding equitable policy [...]

James Green – FixMyKix


James Green is the founder of FixMyKix, a project located in Oakland, California. FixmyKix builds awareness of (and a marketplace app for) the service of sneaker restoration and customization to promote artistic entrepreneurship amongst low-income young people, and to reduce sneaker waste in our landfills. Although the actual FixmyKkix app [...]

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