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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Tororo Youth Organic Juice Production – Tororo Youth Organic Juice Production Project.


The “Tororo Youth Organic Juice Production Project” is a community-based project situated in Morwa zone. This project aims to support unemployed school dropouts to empower them through economic opportunities through the juice project. This project aims to reduce businesses such as, gambling, child prostitution, robbery, etc. Through the project youth [...]

SlUGS AKA (Isaiah Holcombe), GRIPR AKA (Kendra Berry), Julie Lopez – The Stupid Fresh Urban Art and Aerosol Workshop


The Stupid Fresh Urban Art and Aerosol Workshop provide a smart way young adults can become job ready in Crescent City, CA. The workshops activities are built on a career development system that provides the skills required in today's workforce while learning street art. The activities in street art courses [...]

Obore Joseph – Empowering and developing the youth through community based youth services for success


The Action for Development of Local Communities is implementing “Empowering and developing the youth through community based youth services for success” project in Bukedea District. This project aims to provide one on one mentoring, networking and capacity building sessions, and meet-ups to support youth in Eastern Uganda to actively engage [...]

Yusuf bakari kea – Tungo arts group – Wamakatandale


The Wamakatandale project empowers the community to come together through music, skits, play and entertainment through live performances. The project aims to build up the community through these performances produced by the children of the Wamakata and Watandale communities. Through this project, the youth and community will be empowered to [...]

P.I.F.A. (Elizabeth, Rose, Lana, Shawn) – You Can Be an Activist Too!


PIFA stands for Political, Intersectional, Feminist, Activists. PIFA is a group started by 8th Graders Elizabeth Onofre, Rose Rezac, and Lana Gillman at Alexander Graham Bell School. Their goal is to educate the students and spread awareness about topics like gentrification, mental health stigmas, food deserts, and LGBTQ+ issues, etc, [...]

CBM: Holistic Digital Media Workshops – Chocolate Beats Media: Holistic Creative Media Workshops


The “Chocolate Beats Media: Holistic Creative Digital Media Workshop series” engages youth emotionally, holistically, and technically by exploring creativity through the use of healthy tools and the creation of a personal digital multi-media based project. The goal of the series is to educate youth about holistic self-care practices through use [...]

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