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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Doretta Tootle, Nagea Brown – The Diva Project


Doretta Tootle and her "Thelma’s Dream" non-profit organization are focused on empowering girls to dream big and be the change makers of their lives, school and community. Its core program, Club Diva, addresses the academic, emotional, environmental, and social challenges experienced by the at-risk female youth growing up in underprivileged, [...]

Restoring Hope for the Girl Child – Restoring Hope for the Girl Child



Twehikire Baker and Grace Twehikire are the founders of Restoring hope for the Girl Child, an organization that educates vulnerable girl children in Kanungu District Uganda by equipping them with necessary marketable life skills for self reliance. The project, started in 2007, trains girls in tailoring, fashion and design, and [...]

EMCLOW (Empowerment And Cultivation of Women) Project – EMCLOW (Empowerment And Cultivation of Women) Project



According to a mini-survey conducted in 2008 on class enrollments of girls and pregnancy-related drop-out rates for the year, 10,000 girls in Kenya dropped out of school because of pregnancy, with the Coastal region of Kenya having one of the highest regional drop-out rates for primary and secondary levels. In [...]

Danielle Keiser, Milena Bacalja Perianes, Mariana de la Roche – Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub)



The Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub) is a global and interdisciplinary Community of Practice (CoP) for menstrual health actors and practitioners. Our mission is to improve communication, connection and collaboration within the menstrual health community through an online platform that centralizes research, education and learning, policy and innovation. Inclusive, impartial [...]

Ajibola Oladejo – Purple Pearls Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP)



Mujidat Ajibola's Purple Pearls Women's Entrepreneurship Development Programme is focused on funding vulnerable women; especially those that have been displaced as a result of terrorist activities in Nigeria and are in business or have been trained in some crafts to remove them out of the shackles of poverty. By empowering [...]

Betty Abah – Sustainable Livelihoods Enhancement for Teenage Girls in Makoko Slum, Lagos



This skills acquisition training will benefit at-risk girls, teenage mothers and other vulnerable young women in Makoko and surrounding slums (waterfront communities) in Lagos, Nigeria. It will utilize natural materials from the local environment to create products that will enhance their livelihoods. For example, they young women will turn the [...]

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