Grant Projects Tagged With Women & Girls

Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Rashanda Autry Payne, Fannie’s House Room Addition


Rashanda Autry Payne is the Executive Director and founder of Fannie's House, an organization working to fight human trafficking. We aim to achieve this goal through prevention, awareness, providing essential indirect and direct services to victims/survivors of human trafficking. We serve victims/survivors of human trafficking females ages 13-24. This project is [...]

India Williams, Lyrical Leaders Love Your Body Project


The Love Your Body Poetry Project is an initiative that allows adolescent girls from the Pacesetters of South Jersey and WeCare Youth Peer Leadership Program in Buena, NJ to work with an artist using ekphrastic poetry (art-inspired poetry) as a mechanism for social change. Under the direction of the artist [...]

Lynn Douglas, The Visionary Institute Summer Camp for Girls



"The Visionary Institute Summer Camp for Girls" is a FREE week-long college access summer camp that empowers girls to set and achieve their post-secondary goals. They host two camps for per summer in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC that are geared towards rising 10th -12th grade girls as they walk through [...]

Nkwelle Jacob Esong, Building Solar Dryers To Conserve Vegetables And Spices

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A major problem with green leafy vegetables and spices like bitter leaf (Vernonia amydalina), Okongobong (Telifera occidentalis), Erru (Gnetum africanum), capsicum pepper and mushrooms is that they are seasonal and highly perishable. During the pick season they are often sold at give-away prices and some are simply wasted in the [...]

Anagho Emmanuel Anyangwe, Strengthening The Capacity Of Female University Drop Outs In Yaounde Cameroon

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Strengthening The Capacity Of Female University Drop Outs In Yaounde Cameroon is an initiative of Anagho Emmanuel (organizer of Netsquared Yaoundé) in collaboration with Abel Misodi (CEO of hope foundation), and other volunteers. The project goal is to help women who have been forced to drop out of Cameroonian universities [...]

Esther Wanjiku Mwangi, Esvendo Social Inclusion

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Esvendo social inclusion project is an initiative created by Esther Mwangi. It was conceptualized after the realization over 3 million school days are lost every month because girls don't have a proper way to handle their mensturation. The social enterprise aims to stop adolescent girls from missing school in Kenyan [...]