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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Colectiva Luciérnagas – Antiespecismo y Feminismos con Liliana Felipe y Jesusa Rguez


Luciernagas’ collective project aims to offer a series of activities for participants to speak about feminism and veganism in Monterrey city. The project will create awareness inside the feminist community, which grows and strengthens every day but, continues to live away of a vegan philosophy of life that goes in [...]

Laila Aziz, Sartteka Am Ab Nefer, Ebonay Lee, Sun Gawd – Vegan Soul SD Community Meal Prep


We are committed to increasing the amount of African American female vegans, who are the primary meal providers for their families. According to the Center of Disease control over 50% of African American women are considered obese. Over 44% of African American women suffer from hypertension. The life expectancy rate [...]

Julia Feliz Brueck, Sanctuary Publishers – Spreading Veganism & Raising Voices Through Books and Social Media


Founded in Spring of 2017 by vegan author, illustrator, and activist, Julia Feliz Brueck, Sanctuary Publishers is a vegan book publisher committed to raising the voices of the marginalized, and giving back through each book sold - we aren’t just a typical publisher. From books to social media activism, it [...]

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