Grant Projects Tagged With Underserved Communities

Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Vanessa Bright – Incarceration to Entrepreneurship Initiative


The Incarceration to Entrepreneurship Initiative aims to teach incarcerated women how to start and operate a business. Through this project, women learn how to effectively manage their business and personal finances through organized, participatory, and educational workshops. The goal of the project is to reduce recidivism rates. This project helps [...]

Woodmold Biosand Filter for AMRED – Wood Mold Bio Sand Filter for Clean Drinking water


The “Wood Mold Bio Sand Filter for Clean Drinking water” project aims to provide clean safe drinking water in Kobongo Village and Ahero Town that are affected by the increase incidence of water borne related diseases such as cholera, typhoid, E coli, and amoebic dysentery. The Kobon’go community relies on [...]

Lisa Aissaoui – AfroShoot


AfroShoot is a platform with the mission to foster the conversations between sub-Saharan and North Africa, between the continent and its diaspora to reach out to the world and share unseen narratives to the mainstream while supporting photographers and nurturing a new synergy. African photographers are under-represented. Medias are western-centred [...]

Paul Okot – Christ the King Vegetable Garden


“Christ the King Vegetable Demonstration project” aims to support a sustainable livelihood through planting vegetables for vulnerable elders, orphans, widows and sick that come to the parish seeking assistance. Through this project, those who reach out for assistance will be empowered to volunteer and support the farming and harvest of [...]

Neidy Lucio Contreras – Casa Colibri’s rainwater harvesting project


The Casa Colibrí's rainwater harvesting project consists of the design and installation of a rainwater harvesting system in order to supply the resource to a community orchard located in Hostotipaquillo, Jalisco, México. The orchard is worked by a group of women and men who are facing challenging situations. Through this [...]

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