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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Acaye Paul, Promoter PWDs Sports in Ug – Pride in Me


“Pride in Me project” is an all-inclusive school-based intervention aimed to make schools safer, more ‘disability-friendly’ environment for children with disabilities to learn through engaging various stakeholders, at the school level, as well as in the local community and government through a range of different activities. Through this project, children [...]

EldoHub – Digital Literacy for Rural Youth in Uasin Gishu County


The “Digital Literacy and STEM mentorship for Rural Youth” project will empower and support young people to identify problems in their communities and create solutions using different technology applications. Through this project youth will thoroughly and systematically investigate situations and systems enabling them to establish facts or trends that they [...]

Samwel Nyapola Nyongesa – Improved stoves for renewable Energy and Good Health


Improved stoves for renewable energy project managed by Charles Juma involves the making of improved cook stoves and campaigns for reduced use of wood fuel and less labor requirement among women. The demand for wood fuel in Kakamega county is increasing as forests are being deforested in search of fire [...]

Dismas Rading – Kisumu Eco-Designers Project


Dismas Rading's 'Kisumu Eco-Designers Project' is an initiative to reduce crime among the youth of Obunga slum by teaching them vocational skills in carpentry using recycled wood materials and training them basic entrepreneurial skills. By so doing, this project seeks to create employment for youth, help them start their own [...]

Katie, Co-leaders-Alvin, Sharlene, Wambui, Wamugunda, Joel, Ivy and Clare – Pitch a Dream Workshops for Rural Schools


Pitch a Dream is a nonprofit based in Nairobi, Kenya. It was founded by Catherine Miano and co-founders Alvin Kathembe,Sharlene Wanjira, Wambui Nganga,Wamugunda Mwangi,Ivy Njuguna, Joel Siaga and Clare Ibeere with a passion for providing access to books and mentorship to children in rural schools across Kenya. Pitch a Dream [...]

Comprehensive Agriculture & Rural Development Initiatives (CARDI-Uganda) – Youth and Women in Agricultural Sustainability To Improve Livelihoods and Sustainable Natural Resources


Comprehensive Agriculture & Rural Development Initiatives (CARDI-Uganda) is a rural community based organization. It was established in 2008 by a group of community development volunteers and led by Jingo Joseph Nkumbi, an international youth worker and professional agronomist. CARDI-Uganda is working directly with rural poor and marginalized unskilled communities at [...]

G-BAT Energy Saving Technologies Mayuge – Youth Empowerment Through Energy Saving Technologies


G-BAT Energy Saving Technologies Mayuge is a stove making company, empowering the youth with skills of making energy-saving stoves to create employment for the growing majority of unemployed youth and school drop outs in Mayuge district, Uganda. It was initiated by Batambuze Girisomu. The growing number of unemployed youth are [...]

Kenne Kuete Virginie, Chia Vivian – Livelihood Support and Empowerment of Marginalised Widows in Belo-Kom


Kenne Kuete Virginie is a passionate community leader, a long-time promoter of women's rights and the founder and coordinator of Open Arms Cameroon, an initiative that embraces the needs of the disadvantage marginalized poor in urban and rural communities in Cameroon. Her project "Livelihood Support and Empowerment of Marginalised Widows [...]

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