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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Energy Saving Jiko Production – Energy Saving Jiko Production


Energy Saving Jiko (ESJ) Production is an initiative created by Mrs. Sharon Akinyi, a trained environmentalist advocating for alternative energy sources and the use of energy saving techniques. The project will be implemented by members of Action for Research and Development Self Help Group. Members will be trained on molding, [...]

Aghah Valery Binda – Women Green Clubs (WGC): Green Micro-enterprises for Fulanis


The Women Green Clubs (WGCs): Green Micro-enterprises for Fulanis Project seeks to transform the lives of socially excluded and low-income women in rural areas within Cameroon from social exclusion to social inclusion and from poverty to prosperity while conserving the ecosystems on which they depend for livelihood. According to a [...]

Mabinju Village in Siaya County – Women Cultivating Power of Moringa


The Women Cultivating Power of Moringa Project is located in Mabinju Village in the Western region of Kenya. This project is a sustainable approach to combating poverty, malnutrition and environmental degradation in the community. A group of 15 women cultivates and harvests moringa, a food supplement that has many medicinal [...]

Alessandra & Eduardo Sydney – Improving the quality of life by growing edible mushrooms: changing whole lives


Demystifying the Mushrooms was created by Alessandra & Eduardo Sydney to promote knowledge about mushrooms. Located in Ponta Grossa, Brazil, Alessandra and Sydnes aim to teach the community about the benefits of mushrooms, including information about how to cultivate them and how to prepare recipes and products from them. Brazilians [...]

Tugamuhangye Bosco and Atuheire Costence – Building The Foundation Project


Building the Foundation, located in Kihihi Town Council Kanungu- Uganda, helps youth acquire computer skills. The founder, Tugamuhangye Bosco, was inspired to start this project when he saw the number of youth who dropped out from school due their inability to pay their school fees. Building the Foundation will support [...]

Tich Tire Vocational Skills Project – Tich Tire Vocational Skills Project


Youth unemployment is a major contributor to increased crime rates perpetrated by jobless and idle youth in Kisumu, Kenya. Tich Tire Vocational Skills Project aims at providing alternative pathways to employment through masonry apprenticeship training, which will enable youth to gainful employment. This grant will help purchase tools and equipment [...]

Growing Bananas and Cassavas for Poverty – Growing Bananas and Cassavas for Poverty Eradication


With dwindling returns on maize farming and unpredictable rainfall patterns, small scale farmers with small plots can no longer afford to solely rely on maize to feed their bulging families. Subsistence farmers must embrace growing alternative crops that can ensure high yields from their small plots and mitigate food insecurity. [...]

Hero Women Group, Naomi Faith, Jackline – Hero Women Group


According to recent report by United Nations; Human Development Index (HDI) 2017, Kenya reports the unemployment rate at 39.1%. The latest statistics continue to reflect a shockingly high youth unemployment rate which as company’s downside due to harsh economic environment. Esther proposed to educate women on other job opportunities that [...]

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