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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Eva Queen and the CA4Y team – Community Advocates 4 You, Inc.


Community Advocates 4 You, Inc. (CA4Y) is located in Baltimore, Maryland. They are a committed network of parents, professionals, and community advocates working together to support low-income children and adults within the disabilities and minority community. They offer free workshops and trainings related to special education law and policies, transitional [...]

Mamwaki Enterprise – Developing Affordable Briquettes for Kenyan Slums Households


Mamwaki Enterprise is a social enterprise with a business model that makes products accessible and affordable to the poor in Kenya. The enterprise seeks to use innovative ways to re-use fecal matter in bio-fuel production in highly populated slums of Kenya. The project works with county governments, sanitation and service [...]

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