Anagho Emmanuel Anyangwe, Strengthening The Capacity Of Female University Drop Outs In Yaounde Cameroon

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Strengthening The Capacity Of Female University Drop Outs In Yaounde Cameroon is an initiative of Anagho Emmanuel (organizer of Netsquared Yaoundé) in collaboration with Abel Misodi (CEO of hope foundation), and other volunteers. The project goal is to help women who have been forced to drop out of Cameroonian universities [...]

Paul Hyoungsang Shin, Space Enterprise at Berkeley (SEB)

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Paul H. Shin and Victor M. Garza are the founders of Space Enterprise at Berkeley (SEB). They started SEB because they noticed the UC Berkeley has a large population of students, not just in the sciences and engineering, who are very interested in space but have no clear the way [...]

Jamilah Nafula Meso, Feed The Soil to Improve Production Project

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Nitrogen is a vital constituent of protein and protoplasm in plants and thus its reserves in the soil must be regularly replenished in order to maintain crop production. Jamilah Nafula Meso is based out of Mungore, Kenya and is helping farmers practice sustainable soil fertility management by adopting eco-friendly, farm [...]

Byamukama Lawring Brian, Mbale Youth ICT Center

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441,300 people reside in Mbale, Uganda and according to a 2012 census, 75% of the population are youth, 70% of youth fail to complete their education and more than 90% are computer illiterate. Byamukama Lawring Brian is providing free, computer basics training to youth through his project, Mbale Youth ICT [...]

Simon Ndirangu Mwangi, UReady Employability Program

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In next decade over 1 billion young people will enter the job market. Among them are East African graduates, with over 50% classified as being "half-baked", who the Inter-University Council of East Africa identifies as being not ready for the employment market. Simon Ndirangu Mwangi has established the UReady Employability [...]

Sarah Diane Draugelis and Kevin Zurek, Team fEMR



Based out of Detroit, MI, Team fEMR is addressing the lack of data collection, communication, and research in short-term medical missions. Their free and open-source electronic medical records system is designed specifically for short-term medical teams volunteering in areas with limited access to the Internet or electricity. It has been [...]

Tawanda Mutukwa, Hurukuro-Agriclouds Project

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This year alone in Zimbabwe, the UN declared 50% of the rural population or approximately 4.5 million Zimbabweans food insecure. The chief problem is the lack of technical skills, climate change and low productivity among smallholder farmers who number more than 2 million. The Hurukuro-Agricloud project is meant to address [...]

Belinda Liu, HiveQuest



Social entrepreneur Belinda Liu's brings together online learning and social networking to create an interactive educational platform for creative expression, personal growth, and meaningful connection. HiveQuest's new series of free 5-day online challenges around the themes of veganism, sustainability, compassion, and gratitude promote and support healthy, conscious, wellness-based living [...]

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