Be the Change Project


We have discovered that digging in the dirt together and sharing produce/seeds/plants are powerful ways to connect people to each other and the environment in which we live.

Elikana Mayula Karakacha – REMEDIAL INITIATIVE


REMEDIAL INITIATIVE is a project with a technological approach aimed at improving the devastated Chesero lands in Malava Sub-county Kenya, spoilt by massive landslide caused by heavy rains,by building gabions and channel-cuts across dip trenches and planting trees to avoid mass soil erosion.

Brandon Guzman, Bambou Soutenir


Brandon Guzman, Frandly Seney, and Louben's Jean-Paul started Bambou Soutenir in Northern Haiti to help promote local development and self-sufficiency. Haiti has been studied countless times over the last few decades and erosion is causing so many hillsides [...]

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