Black History 101 Mobile Museum – 5th Element Collectors and Curators Society


The 5th Element Collectors and Curators Society is the first educational outreach initiative of the Black History 101 Mobile Museum. In the summer of 2018, Black History 101 Mobile Museum founder Khalid el-Hakim will facilitate a series of workshops for high school students in the city of Kalamazoo, MI focusing on the various things students collect.

Brenda Verano – “Buried Treasures”; Reclaiming Our Stories


The project "Buried Treasures", will provide a space for youth to reclaim their very own stories, to publish stories the world deserves to read. Lead by youth organizer Brenda Verano, participant of 2017 SOUL training and former youth facilitator in the Roots for Peace TEAM, this project welcomes youth of color residing in every corner of LA county.

The Excelsior League


The Excelsior League is a charity organization that focuses on brightening the lives and smiles of children fighting the battle against life threatening illnesses. They do this through using their talent of costume building and character portrayal at special charity events, functions, and private visits. Their mission is to improve [...]

Anasa Troutman, SheStories


Found by Nashville based Anasa Troutman, SheStories is a storytelling platform for women. These stories cultivate deep personal exploration that compels women to express love for themselves, their work, their lives and their communities while being candid about the challenges, pitfalls and hardships they face personally and those they face [...]

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