Julie Minnis, Rosanna Guzman, Kindness Club – HGMS Kindness Club Motivational Messages Project


The HGMS Kindness Club is located in San Antonio, Texas at Dr. Hector P. Garcia Middle School. The Motivational Messages project will help spread kindness around the campus and community. This past Saturday, November 10th, the HGMS Kindness Club, along with community members, and artists painted over 50 bathroom stalls [...]

Lupita Gonzalez, Angel Garcia, Coaltion Advocating for Pesticide Safety – Healthy Schools Campaign


Healthy Schools Campaign is a hyper-local initiative led by Coalition Advocatiing for Pesticide Safety (CAPS), a Tulare County-based grassroots coalition. CAPS hope to continue the momentum from the recent victory where they successfully got the biggest school district in their county to replace glyphosate-containing products with non-toxic alternatives, thus creating [...]

By Peace Monitors Consortium – Tufunze Tujue Project for young mothers and women.


Young mothers and women in Kwale County, Kenya face many difficulties in life. High poverty rates result from high illiteracy levels in the region. In order to make ends meet, young mothers and women are forced to engage in unlawful acts which have contributed to their insecurity. This inspired the [...]

Rafael Osório Ventimiglia dos Santos – Educating Project: Teachers empowered to confront LGBTophobia


The Educating Project: Teachers Empowered to Confront LGBTophobia is an initiative of the LGBT People's Human Rights activists linked to the LGBT Movement of Pará, Brazil. With the growing violence against LGBTi people in Brazil, this project aims to empower public school teachers to develop strategies to cope with LGBTi [...]

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