Angeela Shrestha, Project Humane Nepal

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Project Humane is first of its kind organization in Nepal, to impart dog-focused humane education. We conduct week-long educational workshops in schools encouraging children to have compassion towards stray dogs and discuss animal welfare issues. After watching a shocking video of a street dog being brutally killed by a group [...]

Elizabeth Berkhoudt, After School Kids Equipment

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As an outreach into the community, Elizabeth Berkhoudt started the After School Kids (ASK) program. The program grew out of a community need for a safe place for children to congregate, play, get homework help, and play games while supervised by caring adults. Many of the children were going home [...]

Julia McCarthy, Everybody Dance Now! Claremont

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Everybody Dance Now! Claremont is dedicated to bringing quality hip-hop dance classes to children in deserving communities around Southern California. Students explore creative movement, choreography, and musicality, and learn dance vocabulary, history, culture, and context (including the intersections of art and social justice movements). Programming will take place at Pomona [...]

Emilia Epeti Miki, Share The Love

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Emily Miki’s project Share The Love (#ShareTheLove) is a charity project by Denis Miki Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was created out of the need to empower rural and urban poor communities. As the Founder/CEO of the Foundation, she works to empower and give a meaningful life to Orphans and Vulnerable [...]

Jhyre S Alvarado, Teen Talk Youth Enrichment Program

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Teen Talk is an after school enrichment program started by co-founder, Jhyre Alvarado, and is meant to build on the various strengths of youth all over Los Angeles. The program focuses on skill development, conflict resolution, and self-reflection. It allows for the youth in underprivileged communities to learn how to [...]

Nana Kwasi Ohene, Play and Learn Foundation

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Nana Kwasi Ohene founded an NGO called The Play and Learn Foundation (PAL) which seeks to alleviate the symptoms of poverty among Ghanaian youth. Together with the Board of Trustees, Ambassadors and volunteers he leveraged the universal sport of football to facilitate discipline and leadership in children from Okpongolo who [...]

Cortney Lyn Baca, Babywearing New Mexico’s New Futures Program

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The core team for this project includes Cortney Baca, Sarah Dudley, and Tasman Rompf, all are babywearing consultants, and all volunteer with Babywearing NM to increase accessibility to babywearing in New Mexico, USA. Our partnership at New Futures High School, a specialized public high school in Albuquerque, NM, allows us [...]