Queggie Gondwe – Transvillage/Village Tricycle Easing Transportation



Queggie Gondwe, started the Transvillage/Village Tricycle Easing Transportation project for school going pupils who are challenged to travel a distance of over 30 kilometers in order to access their education in the remotest areas of Dedza District, Malawi. This innovative project will empower underprivileged pupils to enjoy their right to [...]

Julia McCarthy, Everybody Dance Now! Claremont

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"Everybody Dance Now! Claremont" is dedicated to bringing quality hip-hop dance classes to children in deserving communities around Southern California. Students explore creative movement, choreography, and musicality, and learn dance vocabulary, history, culture, and context (including the intersections of art and social justice movements). Programming will take place at Pomona [...]

Emilia Epeti Miki, Share The Love

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Emily Miki’s project Share The Love (#ShareTheLove) is a charity project by Denis Miki Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was created out of the need to empower rural and urban poor communities. As the Founder/CEO of the Foundation, she works to empower and give a meaningful life to Orphans and Vulnerable [...]

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