Deborah (Coach C) Cuny, Glenview Elementary Schools Social-Emotional Anti-Bullying Sports Clinics

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Glenview Elementary is organizing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Sports Clinics for 2016-2017. An anti-bullying prevention program, SEL Sports Clinics are a fun and active way to: Cultivate youth leadership, Teach the toolkit (, Strengthen relationships and friendships, Prevent bullying and aggressive behaviors through peer interactions, increase physical activity and wellness, and

Whitney D. Greene, Pollinator Paradise: An Educational Garden

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Many of the youth in Wilkesboro, North Carolina do not understand the important role of pollinators in society. Whitney D. Greene has thus started Pollinator Paradise: An Educational Garden so that local schools and youth serving organizations can come and see firsthand the work of pollinators and their value in

David Oduor Mulo, Community Impact Program

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David Oduor Mulo uses soccer among other sports as a way to provide awareness opportunities to students, teachers and the greater community in Nairobi, Kenya. The Community Impact Program is led by local coaches and addresses urgent issues, including environmental conservation. Intervention workshops are strategically placed and include both games

Jayakumar Arockiasamy, Promotion of Vegetarian Food for Healthy Living Among the Weaker Sections of Society

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Due to the life style and food habits of those in Trichy, India, people, especially women and youth, are susceptible to obesity. Jayakumar Arockiasamy has created the Promotion of Vegetarian Food for Healthy Living Among the Weaker Sections of Society project to propagate vegetarianism and reverse the ill effects of

Ralitsa Rano, Multicultural Leadership Project, Impact Grant 2016

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The Multicultural Leadership Project empowers refugee and immigrant youth in Aurora, Colorado. Through the program, high school students of all cultural and religious backgrounds share personal experiences, develop skills and assume leadership roles within their school community. The participation in this leadership initiative allows refugee and immigrant youth to voice and process their own cultural adjustment challenges and grow from them. The community projects will focus on helping their newly-arrived peers feel welcomed and supported in their adjustment to a new school, culture and home in the United States.

LaTy Banks, Teaching Youth Song Writing & Music Production Workshop, Impact Grant 2016

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The Teaching Youth Song Writing & Music Production Workshop encourages building healthy attitudes and fostering positive communication and behaviors in at risk, low income youth through music. The program helps to activate student's inner strengths, gifts and abilities by giving them a positive forum and outlets for creative self expression. Impact Grant funding will be used to run new sessions of the workshop in several group homes, schools, and in collaboration with community organizations in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County.