Ancha Baumann, Mandala Blessings


The Mandala Blessings Project is led by Ancha Baumann, an international European Montessori teacher for 38 years who works through This entity empowers children, youth and families using artistic explorations, inner and global awareness while celebrating life's diversity [...]

Debi Cornwall, Beyond Gitmo


Beyond Gitmo is an unprecedented, photographic global view of once-alleged terrorists held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba (“Gitmo”) after they have been cleared and freed. The project challenges viewers to question policies that deny personhood to innocent Muslims and discard [...]

Teresa Njoroge, Clean Start Solutions


After former banker Teresa Njoroge spent time in prison for a crime she did not commit, she became determined to help empower the women that she met while incarcerated. Teresa was inspired to start a social enterprise, Clean Start Solutions, [...]

Thell Robinson, Violence and Mediation


A former drug dealer, Thell Robinson launched a Violence Intervention and Mediation Program in Columbus, Ohio. His volunteer team effectively mediates conflicts, mentors youth, and runs successful programs to help young people forge a productive path in their lives. [...]

Rivka Rocchio, Theatre Across Prison Walls


Prison-based theatre and arts programs have been well-documented in reducing recidivism, the incidence rate of misbehavior within correctional institutions.  Rivka Rocchio is a community-based theatre artist who has lived, taught and created art in a multitude of communities [...]

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