Sylvain Picker, SeedTheGlobe


Over 33% of the worlds soils are tarnished, resulting in increased food prices and decreased nutritional value. In Montreal, Canada Sylvain Picker is committed to using agroforestry and permaculture as the next step in organic farming and has [...]

Solomon Amuzu, Call To Nature Permaculture


Solomon Amuzu is the founder and managing director of Call To Nature Permaculture, a Ghana-based non-profit that uses permaculture ethics and principles to promote community development. Working together with Samuel Adotey, and Rachael Yussif, Solomon is helping communities [...]

Brian Reyes, Changing the Course


As a professional sustainability advocate, Brian Reyes has over a decade of experience in permaculture and urban gardening, as well as a passion for community empowerment. Brian founded Changing the Course: Community, Environment, Sustainability, Arts in the Bati [...]

Christopher Crump, Freedom Forest


Christopher Crump lives in Galicia, Spain and created Freedom Forest; a place where people can come and learn about forest gardens, bed growing, woodland crafts, willow fencing and how to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Christopher's commitment to non-gmo seeds, [...]

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