Faith & Hope Rivers, The MoaZen Project


MoaZen Jewelry is a specialty brand with its roots in the community of Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded by visionaries and twin sisters, Faith and Hope Rivers, MoaZen promotes positive social change through education, action, and inspiration. The Moazen [...]

Chad Belvill, Brio Soil and Compost


Farmer Chad Belvill, a life-long student of soil, farming, gardening, foraging, and entrepreneurship, started Brio Soil and Compost after recognizing a need for it in his community. In Taos, New Mexico, there are many conversations in the community [...]

Katie Martinez, Elegantees


A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Katie Martinez wanted to utilize her skills in order to give back to the community. Through her New York-based company, Elegantees, she has partnered with a local nonprofit organization as [...]

Maryam Henein, Honey Colony


HoneyColony was created by Maryam Henein, Director of the acclaimed documentary, Vanishing of the Bees.  Born out of the innate wisdom of bees, HoneyColony is an online magazine, interconnected to social media to empower and help people on their journey to [...]

Service Space & Giftivism


We are starting July with a sampling of very unique and inspiring grants made by one of our Flow Fund partners. We recently gave Service Space a grant of $5,000 to re-gift to individuals within their all-volunteer, international ecosystem [...]

Rakesh Malani, Gift Restaurant


Rakesh used his small seed grant to go to a restaurant where he arranged with the owner to let him and his family foot the bill for next several customers.  Rakesh explains, "When presented with no bill, each and [...]

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