Sue Gonzalez, AkomaKids Literacy Classes for Youth in Elmina, Ghana


When literacy specialist, Sue Gonzalez, first went to Elmina, Ghana in 2010, she met an amazing group of students who simply wanted to excel at school despite a scarcity of books and materials. She came back to her classroom in San Francisco thinking how inequitable it was that her students [...]

Simon Ndirangu Mwangi, UReady Employability Program


In next decade over 1 billion young people will enter the job market. Among them are East African graduates, with over 50% classified as being "half-baked", who the Inter-University Council of East Africa identifies as being not ready for the employment market. Simon Ndirangu Mwangi has established the UReady Employability [...]

Geoffrey Onguso Onyambu, Opportunity Through Ownership: Providing Favourable Financing Options to Motorcycle Drivers


75% of Kenyans live on less than a dollar a day, with a majority being young men with little education living in rural areas. In these places one can kind the ever so popular boda bodas, or motorcycle taxis, which earn up to $5.00 a day. In Keroka, Kenya, Geoffrey [...]

Micheal Ssemwogerere and Teddy Kyazze Nalubowa, Making Ethanol Fuel and Cookers in Communities


85% of household energy in Uganda is attributed to wood and charcoal use with inefficient stoves, creating toxic fumes that damage ones health and kill approximately 14,000 people every year. Outside of the country’s capital in Gayaza, Micheal Ssemwogerere and Teddy Kyazze Nalubowa have created the Making Ethanol Fuel and [...]

Daniel Twite, High Value Vegetable Growing for Youth Employment


According to Action Aid International Uganda, the level of unemployment in Uganda among the youth stands at 62%, with 12% of those aged eighteen to thirty years being in chronic poverty. Agriculture serves as the backbone of the economy, contributing approximately 37% of the Gross Domestic Product. To support the [...]

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