Grant Projects Tagged With Movement Building

Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Paula Orrego, Speak Up, Stand Up: Becoming a Changemaker


"I am Paula Orrego, and I have been a social justice activist since 2011. I will be holding an event for my Bay Area community called "Speak Up, Stand Up: Becoming a Changemaker" at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California. I will have five speakers from different activist organizations, [...]

Tai Gomez, Peacekeepers Project

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The Peacekeepers Project, is a community based series of workshops, cleanups, and demonstrations organized by Barrio Logan youth leader Tai Gomez. The project is designed to orient youth to local watersheds, and help them identify water, soil and air quality concerns. The project will also serve to empower youth with [...]

Reyna Stephanie Jauregui Lopez, Youth Town Rising



Youth town rising is a group of youth with supportive adults that want to help the youth get their voice heard. The aim is to make a change and support everyone that is being oppressed. They get informed about all types of organizations so that they can help people with different needs. They want [...]

Nishchhal Kharal, Youth Peace Workshop

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Youth Peace Workshop's mission is to aware and engage at least 100 youths of plains and hills of Nepal who are currently living in Kathmandu. This project provides peace education through conflict resolution classes, relationship building games, leadership development workshops, yoga and meditation sessions, training on the rule of law, [...]

Dan Aymar-Blair, The Article 20 Network



The freedom of peaceful assembly is collapsing under the pressure of prior restraints, shrinking public spaces, misinformation, and outright violence. As a result, Dan Aymar-Blair founded the Article 20 Network to stop the collapse. The Article 20 Network defends and advances the human right to freedom of peaceful assembly worldwide. [...]

Hajjat Nagudi, Organizing Urban Women for Uganda



By Suzan Wilmot, who selected this project to receive a flow fund grant. Nagudi is a member of the Women's Movement residing in Kampala, Uganda. This young and fast growing nonviolent movement has helped scrap a bill to raise age limits of judges and the president who has been in [...]

Jacob Savage, Concrn, Impact Grant 2016

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Concrn is the compassionate social service network connecting people in need to compassionate responders trained in crisis intervention. Compassionate responders directly respond to crises in a street outreach capacity. Community members can download our mobile reporting app on iPhone or Android or call us directly to access their services. They make it easy for both witnesses and victims of nonviolent crises to create a report and directly dispatch their network. With this impact grant, they will fund the training of low-income Tenderloin residents who cannot afford to pay for training.