PARTI, Esmaralda, Moon, Anjolie, Kennedi – Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact Program (PARTI)


With wide access to the internet, bullying has become an uncontrollable issue, leading to incidents of youth suicide. The PARTI Program (Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact) works with youth, schools, and philanthropic leaders to provide help and support to address this issue. PARTI provides a voice to those youth who [...]

Nfor Victorine Ambe and Bolam Agnes – Cornerstone Therapeutic camping for challenged youths


Cornerstone Therapeutic Camping for Challenged Youths in Bamenda, Cameroon is a psychosocial therapeutic outdoor program for youths with emotional and behavioral challenges, organized by Victorine and Agnes in Cornerstone Enrichment Services (CES). The project will transform, rehabilitate, and reintegrate youths who are delinquent and are at risk of getting into [...]

ASAFO Community Development Association – The Muhiyyidin D’baha Leadership Academy


The Muhiyyidin D'baha Leadership Academy is a free, African centered after-school in South Carolina, US, designed to solve the problem of failing schools in low income communities. Children are instructed in math and reading with African culture integrated, and are taught methods of critical thinking and analysis. The leadership academy [...]

James Green – FixMyKix


James Green is the founder of FixMyKix, a project located in Oakland, California. FixmyKix builds awareness of (and a marketplace app for) the service of sneaker restoration and customization to promote artistic entrepreneurship amongst low-income young people, and to reduce sneaker waste in our landfills. Although the actual FixmyKkix app [...]

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