Cynthia Dailey, Justin Dailey, Keevan Dantzler, Pierre Estes, Alyson Shaler, James Miletello – Say Grace Initiative


 The "Say GRACE Initiative” is Grace Housing Complex call to action to revitalize Chicago’s South Deering, Roseland, and Englewood Communities. "GRACE” is an acronym for Greet, Relationships, Assistance, Communication, & Evaluation, and it is a model through which we will convene community residents, leaders, and officials to participate in a [...]

Northeast Earth Coalition, Environmental Initiatives Program – Crane Park Demonstration Garden


Crane Park Demonstration is a community effort supported by the township of Montclair, Northeast Earth Coalition (NEEC) and Montclair residents. Demonstration gardens are used in educational and recreational settings in open public spaces to demonstrate different approaches to gardening. The demonstration garden includes over 35 different species of native plants [...]

Richard “Selah” & Vonetta Hinton – Supreme MCs Rule Hip-Hop Expression Program


Supreme MCs Rule Hip-Hop Expression Program seeks to improve social and economic outcomes for youth by using elements of Hip-Hop as a tool for self-expression, emotional intelligence and learning social skills. Performing arts also develops important traits for successful leadership and entrepreneurship. 53% of our students do not have music [...]

Digital Young Journalists by Media Mashariki Africa – Digital Young Journalists


Digital Young Journalists (DYJ), headed by Zemirah Harrup, is a project aimed at promoting journalism and public speaking skills among children and youth. It’s also a platform for engaging them constructively and protecting them from being vulnerable to harmful social activities. Most Kenyan schools have journalism as one of the [...]

Stanley D. Pomichter III, Elix Incubator


Elix Incubator is California's first social impact incubator for teen entrepreneurs. Founded by a group of high school students (Isabella Liu, Stash Pomichter, Andrew Yates, Haley Catton, and Brendon Wright), Elix works to promote positive teen driven change by seeding and incubating teen-led social enterprises. In doing so, Elix hopes [...]

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