Nicole Vazquez, No Human Is Illegal Mural

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Nicole Vazquez will be working on a mural project in the Beach Flats Community in Santa Cruz, CA. Her mural will include images and text that was not approved for a City mural she was working on, particularly the phrase "No Human is Illegal." Nicole says: "I am promoting my [...]

Pravin Khandpasole, DISHA Helpline

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DISHA is a non-government organization (NGO) in India. It works for rights and holistic restoration of victims of violent crimes and people at risk. DISHA's dream and goal is to bring ‘Equal Rights and Equal Access to Justice’ to those who are experiencing inequality. People’s genuine need for support and information led DISHA [...]

Tami Ritter, Chico Youth Court

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Chico Youth Court (CYC) offers an alternative to the juvenile justice system in Butte County, CA. With a focus on restorative practices, the Chico Youth Court will work with middle school kids and high school teens who are first offenders of misdemeanor or lesser crimes. CYC will offer a second chance [...]

Maria Hinds, Surviving Solitary

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Surviving Solitary is an exhibit that documents the personal belongings of Herman Wallace of the Angola 3 collected during his 42 years of solitary confinement in Louisiana state prisons. Led by artist Maria Hinds, the project is in collaboration with photographer Matthew Thompson, the now deceased Herman Wallace and other [...]

Nassali Janepher, Organizing



As flower farms in Uganda, many young workers earn less than a dollar a day working shifts that sometimes last 13 hours, 365 days a year. These workers face terrible conditions - women sometimes give birth among dangerous, and often banned, chemicals at the farms because maternity leave is confused [...]

Hajjat Nagudi, Organizing Urban Women for Uganda



By Suzan Wilmot, who selected this project to receive a flow fund grant. Nagudi is a member of the Women's Movement residing in Kampala, Uganda. This young and fast growing nonviolent movement has helped scrap a bill to raise age limits of judges and the president who has been in [...]

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