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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Shamsuddin Amin – Plant a Tree for a Green Nangarhar



"Plant a tree for a green Nangarhar" is an initiative of Shamsuddin Amin, environmental activist and a resident of Jalalabad City in Eastern Afghanistan. The main motive behind the project is to promote a culture of sustainable development, healthy lifestyle and ideas of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Additionally, the project [...]

Dickson Oketch – Hold a Girl’s Hand Initiative

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Can village girls weather the myriad challenges of unwanted pregnancy, lack of menstrual hygiene products & school supplies and rise to be successful? Dickson's Hold a Girl’s Hand Initiative is a school-based project which endeavors to holistically meet the needs of high school girls by providing guidance and counseling and [...]

Aikande Robert Nkya – Msichana Amka Timiza Ndoto Zako (Rise Up Girl and Make Up Your Dreams)



Many girls do not have safe and sustainable methods of menstrual management due to lack of money and stigmatization, which often resorts to using unsafe and alternative methods. Rise Up Girl and Wake Up Your Dreams, initiated by Ms. Aikande Robert Nkya, aims at providing trainings and education about menstruation [...]

Leonardo Párraga – Re-Sistance-Cycle



Vulnerable communities in Bogotá, Colombia are usually invisible and unheard by the State. Kept in the dark, they experience violations of their rights and dignity. Using the arts as an element of social cohesion, the community is brought together, providing La Cecilia neighborhood with visibility through colors and a voice [...]

Onek Paul – Global Empowerment For Poverty Alleviation



South Sudan is an area ravaged by civil strife with massive displacement of the population into camps both inside and outside into neighboring Uganda. The food ratio received from the World Food Program is not adequate to sustain them for a long time. Thus, the displaced persons have resorted to [...]

James Nathaniel – Bicycle Project



James Nathaniel, James Kirima, and Beatrice Elias are visionary leaders working on the Bicycle Project in Moshi-Kilimanjaro. Their mission is to increase assess to education for orphans and other vulnerable students who walk 5 to 7 kilometers to school. In these situations, bicycles will be used in order to reach [...]

Prisca Kajila – Mushroom cultivation by WLHIV



“CHIDA Women's Group” is affiliated with the Community Health Issues and Development Association (CHIDA), a Tanzanian officially registered NGO. The group, under the leadership of Mrs Prisca Aloyce Kajila, is implementing a project reaching 25 women living with HIV who face acute malnutrition, food insecurity and poverty. The project is [...]

William Ochola – Collectors of Garbage



Grantee William Ocholla and Bakari Suleiman are proud members of Longo Ghetto Kleeners, a hard-working community group that does inspiring work in garbage collection. The aim of the group is to create self-employment and a conducive environment for the society to improve their livelihoods and advocate for environmental justice. For [...]

Kagulo Scovia – United Rural Women Food Pantry- Tororo



Did you know that the issue of men and boys stealing foodstuffs from their wives and mothers is not an uncommon case in rural Uganda? It is in fact, one of the key causes of domestic violence in rural Uganda. If this weren’t bad enough, when food is taken away [...]

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