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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Nyandoh Paho Tadfor – Emergency Maternal Care-Kits to Pregnant Women


Emergency Maternal Care Kits support Internally Displaced Pregnant Women in the crisis region in Cameroon. An initiative of Nyandoh Paho TADFOR, this project focuses on safeguarding Internally Displaced Young Women’s health by preventing excessive maternal and neonatal mortality and responding to gender-based violence among the most vulnerable and marginalized populations [...]

Happy Arnold, Paul Chirwa, Raisha Matemba – Rooting Out Infant Malnutrition With Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato


YAED will engage more women and youth in food and malnutrition security and sustainable agriculture as a wealth creation economic activity in Malawi. This pro-youth agriculture initiative is not currently available in Malawi and it still remains a sector with high potential but low investment in transforming the well being [...]

Extend A Life Initiative Uganda Limited – The Pride Candle Project


The Pride Candle Project is a four-month initiative under the Economic Empowerment Program of Extend a Life Initiative Uganda Limited (ELI-U). The project promotes the socio-economic empowerment of LGBTQ youth and sex workers Living with HIV and AIDS in Uganda. These youth learn skills in candle-making to enable them start [...]

Laxmi, Renu, Ranjeeta, Sunita – Girls For Freedom – Girls of Trilokpuri Lead


Girls For Freedom - The Girls of Trilokpuri Lead is located in Trilokpuri, Delhi. The project addresses the key issues of gender violence and women’s empowerment by facilitating, motivating, counseling and guiding young girls and young adults to aspire and achieve their goals with greater solidarity and improved work skills, [...]

Initiative for Refugees with Disabilities – Sewing Project for Refugees with Disabilities


Initiative for Refugees with Disabilities (IRD) was initiated by Angelo Ebengo Muzaliwa together with refugees with disabilities (RWDs), parents/caregivers of refugee children with disabilities and some activists in the refugee community. IRD's aim is to provide a response through advocacy for human rights inclusiveness (access to education, health, employment and [...]

Milena Rodriguez – Mayauali


Milena Rodriguez is developing the Mayauali indigenous youth leadership program in a coastal community of Nicaragua, which aims to revitalize identity, autonomy, and cultural expression, and to bring the community of Salinas de Nahualapa together by promoting positive leadership in their youth. The program integrates experiential workshops on communication, research, [...]

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