Grant Projects Tagged With Human Rights

Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

Ann Ratnayake Macy – Protecting Child Torture Victims: Closing Gaps in U.S. Law


The National Center for Child Abuse Statistics and Policy (NCCASP) reduces violence against children by spreading innovation in law, technology, and the social sciences across jurisdictional lines. The Pollination Project grant supports NCCASP's campaign to protect child torture victims in the United States. Child torture is a documented subset of [...]

Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers – Webinar Educational Series for Medical Providers Serving Refugees


The Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers is a small start-up Medical Society dedicated to educating medical providers who serve refugees. Understanding the appropriate care of refugees is a necessity for those providing this humanitarian service. The Society will utilize funding to create a webinar educational series for medical providers throughout [...]

Evento Cultural Indigena


Evento Cultural Indigena is organized by the nonprofit organization "Movimiento Cultural de la Union Indigena" and they will be celebrating the event "Evento Cultural Indigena" in Santa Rosa California on August 12, 2018 at Montgomery High School. Cristina Ramirez and Mariano Alvarez are organizing this event to inspire cultural preservation, [...]

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