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Read about grantees who have received funding from a Pollination Project grant .

The Assertive Girl Zambia – Improved SRHR, creating awareness, creating solutions.


The Assertive Girl Zambia will launch the “Sexual Reproduction Health Solutions” project to provide sustainable sanitary towels and basic tailoring skills in Mtendere, Bauleni, and Katuba Area Great North Road, Lusaka. The project will provide basic skills training to promote knowledge and skills for the production of reusable sanitary towels [...]

Phyllis Trettien; Sharika Townsend – Opening Doors to Success: Navigating Barriers to Reentry


“Opening Doors to Success: Navigating Barriers to Reentry” is a Baltimore-based project envisioned to address legal barriers for reentering citizens. In partnership with The Center for Sustainable and Just Communities, a 501(c)(3), and Blake Trettien, a civil rights attorney and founder of Baltimore Resilience Project, they will develop a web-based [...]

Support Solutions Homeless Services – You’re Hired: From Pavement To Paycheck


Support Solutions is bringing a job prep program called “You’re Hired” to newly homeless people living in their vehicles in the city of Covina, CA. These "hidden homeless" individuals—still strong and capable—have not yet fallen into chronic homelessness, and can begin to get job interviews in as few as three [...]

Cadre Jockus-Paralegal, Biira Sarah – Sensitizing women on their land rights in rural areas


The Foundation for Women in Development-Rwenzori (FOWID-R) was established to fight for the rights of rural woman in Kasese district, Western Uganda. The young rural women farmers realized that men were violating their rights whenever they harvested their produce. This launched the “Sensitizing women on their land rights in rural [...]

Mrs Alphonsine Apendeki – Prevention of climate change adaptation through planting fruit trees at Makobola /FIZI -DR.Congo.


The Prevention of climate change adaptation through planting fruit trees at Makobola /FIZI -DR.Congo. project is a women in action network aimed that defends and promotes human rights with a focus on women and children living in hardship like pygmies, women victims of sexual abuse, gender based violence and orphan [...]

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