Idris Ola, Ife Taiwo-Bello, Aisha Amodu, Temitayo Efunbajo, Abaku Frida, Brenda Odamo, and Tawose-Adebayo Victor. – Women’s Cancer Control Project


The Women's Cancer Control Project is an initiative of the Women's Cancer Prevention and Support for African Society (WOCAPSS-Africa), a population health-based non-profit organization in Nigeria providing cancer prevention, control, and support services for African women. This project uses community-based strategy to combat cancer menace among African women with focus [...]

Rose Mary Nakame, REMI East Africa – The Health Equity Voice


In Uganda, negative media stories coupled with political leaders’ criticism of health workers has fueled public distrust, damaged the standing of the health profession and unknowingly raised the barriers to accessing quality healthcare.The Health Equity Voice is an initiative of Rose Mary Nakame, Executive Director of REMI East Africa to [...]

Women Development Centre (WODEC) – Eco-friendly re-usable sanitary pads


The Women Development Centre (East Africa) Ltd (WODEC) is a women-led social enterprise in Eldoret, Kenya, which has firmly positioned itself to engage in the development of quality sustainable feminine hygiene for all. We are dedicated to addressing Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM), in urban areas and slums. Why? Because MHM [...]

Henry Odunga Alobo – Composting Toilets for Ecological Sanitation Project


"Composting Toilets for Ecological Sanitation Project" is a project aimed at enhancing sanitary conditions and soil nutrient recovery in the Mundaya area of Kenya through an innovative and eco-sustainable way. This is a two year project will be implemented by a team of five young social innovators who have a [...]

Joseph Gogo – Radienya Community Water Project


The Joseph Gogo Radienya Community Water Project will provide clean drinking water for human consumption and drip irrigation for the school and community of Radienya in the drought prone area of Nyatike Sub District, Western Kenya. The project will reduce water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid, which [...]

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