Nelson Edmond Obella, Environment, Clena Water, Sanitation, And Hygiene Projecy For Rural People In Tororo

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Nelson Edmond Obella is working with rural women organized in Communal Solidarity Groups to improve livelihoods of the poor and most vulnerable; rural people in Nyakalado Communities. We have together realized the problems of increasing child mortality rates, unsafe abortions in rural women and girls and the suffering the community

Sonya Ann Allen, Veteran’s Horse Barn Access and Renovation


Veterans Art and Farm Therapy is a charity developed by former art therapist and current art teacher and owner of Stargazer Stables, Sonya Allen to support veterans with mental illness by providing farm activities for veterans and their families. Hampton Roads, VA is home to a vast number of retired

Whitney D. Greene, Pollinator Paradise: An Educational Garden

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Many of the youth in Wilkesboro, North Carolina do not understand the important role of pollinators in society. Whitney D. Greene has thus started Pollinator Paradise: An Educational Garden so that local schools and youth serving organizations can come and see firsthand the work of pollinators and their value in

Mark Mugambi Mutuma, Healthy Vegan Food Products from Soya Beans

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In 2015 the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a statement saying that consuming processed meat causes cancer, while eating unprocessed red meat may also be carcinogenic. Mark Mugambi Mutuma is based out of Meru, Kenya and has created the Healthy Vegan Food Products from Soya Beans project to help

Glenda M. Powers and Winston Powers, Healing and Hope for Colminy

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Colminy, Haiti has no sanitation system, resulting in the community’s practice of open defecation. Glenda M. Powers and Winston Powers are aiming to turn human waste into compostable assets that can reduce pollution, enrich the soil, increase food production and contribute to better health through the Healing and Hope for

Jonathan Wynn-Strachan, 60 Minutes of Art Cares

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In Miami, Florida, one of the greatest issues faced in conjunction with homelessness is food insecurity. 60 Minutes of Art Cares program, initiated by Jonathan Wynn-Strachan, is a community enrichment organization dedicated to empowering, enriching and enhancing the lives of the homeless. The project pledges to plant multiple fruit and