Joseph Gogo – Radienya Community Water Project


The Joseph Gogo Radienya Community Water Project will provide clean drinking water for human consumption and drip irrigation for the school and community of Radienya in the drought prone area of Nyatike Sub District, Western Kenya. The project will reduce water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid, which [...]

Fortress of Hope Africa – Leadership Academy Camp


Fortress of Hope Africa (FOHA) is a community based organization initiated in 2005 to empower less-fortunate adolescent girls, socially and economically, in Nairobi, Kenya. FOHA projects and programs aim to equip less-fortunate girls with the social and economic skills they will need to be involved and actively participate in the [...]

Troy Kindy, LCSW; Jill Williams; Joan Laguzza, MSW,; Dr. Katie Drago, M.D.; Jennifer Richards, RN; Alisha DeVogele – The Commission for Elder Abuse and Neglect Specialists


Troy Kindy is a licensed clinical social worker and the founder of The Commission for Elder Abuse and Neglect Specialist, an Oregon based nonprofit that provides education, training, and advocacy in elder abuse and neglect in the context of dementia. The leadership of the organization is composed of dedicated clinicians [...]

Doretta Tootle, Nagea Brown – The Diva Project


Doretta Tootle and her "Thelma’s Dream" non-profit organization are focused on empowering girls to dream big and be the change makers of their lives, school and community. Its core program, Club Diva, addresses the academic, emotional, environmental, and social challenges experienced by the at-risk female youth growing up in underprivileged, [...]

JANET NJOROGE – Connecting Poor Households to the Kabuthi Community Water Project


The Kabuthi Water Project is a community water scheme that has been constructed using a combination of community contributions and assistance from well wishers. It includes a borehole and mains pipe distribution system. Now that the scheme is nearing completion, each household is expected to meet the expense of installing [...]

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