Tehu Kuma Nok-Itomi – Tribz.Bio/ Okobi.Life Black-Turtle Provisions Co-op Project


OKOBI.LIFE Black-Turtle Provisions Cooperative is a Free Operation Organic Distribution & Supply (F.O.O.D.S) initiative of The Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize (TRIBZ.BIO). OKOBI.LIFE recognizes that for ultimate food security, it is important to watch food grow from seed to fruition. Their cooperative model facilitates opportunities for indigenous and marginalized women [...]

KOPOI PRIMARY SCHOOL – Construction of pit Latrine at Kopoi Primary School


At Kopoi Primary School 102 girls do not have access to safe and sanitary toilet and bathroom facilities. This leads to many young women missing school while menstruating, and exposes them to dangerous and unsanitary conditions. For the women of the community this poses a serious barrier to education. Moses [...]

Kepha Abongo- Boya Women Support Group – Loom Machine for Stitching Orphans glitches in Muhuru Bay


In Muhuru-Bay, orphans have special physical and psychological needs which are not adequately met by a community already weakened by AIDS and burdened with oppression, poverty and disease. These orphans are left without food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education and parental support. Vulnerable and financially desperate orphaned children are more likely [...]

Lidia Tibagwa – Hoima for Vegan Diet through Mushrooms – Promotion of the Vegan Diet through Oyster Mushroom Growing


Lydia Kaahwa Tibagwa is the leader of the project, Promotion of the Vegan Diet through Oyster Mushroom Growing, located in Uganda. The project will also be carried out by the staff of Ventures for Empowerment and Sustainable Community Development (VESCOD). The goal of the project centers on providing an alternative [...]

Tabangmua Danisius, Nkwetta Charlotte – Providing a Sustainable Portable Water to Koba Community


Tabangmua Danisius and Nkwetta Charlotte are the founders of the project, Providing Sustainable Portable Water to Koba County, located in Cameroon.The goal of the project is to support 50 inhabitants of Koba village with portable water to improve their lives and overall health. This project will reduce the incidents of [...]

Aggrey Avendi and Young Ladies Club CBO – Koch Tuna Uwezo (KTU)


Aggrey Avendi is the director and advisor for the project, Koch tuna Uwezo, located in Nairobi, Kenya. The project promotes the rights of young women in the slums of Korogocho. Aggrey Avendi wants to provide awareness on gender-based violence (GBV), training on reproductive health, and entrepreneurial empowerment for women though [...]

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