Solomon Ifeanyi Nathaniel – Education and Resource Center


Through increasing access to free study facilities, textbooks, coaching, and tutors for poor children and young people especially girls, and skills training for poor youth and women, this project aims to give a concrete possibility of social and economic empowerment to the adults of tomorrow and to all their families.

Beatrice Adhiambo Omiro – Yes Women Initiative


We recognize problems and challenges, such as widow inheritance, gender based violence, low income, illiteracy, and identify opportunities to be seized such as small businesses, education, salon, tailoring, pottery and other handcrafts, women’s constitutional rights to access land and other family possessions, and their right to take a lead in national development activities.

TPR/TPP Uganda Impact Tailoring Project – TPR/TPP Uganda Tailoring Impact Project


Turning Point Resolutions, addresses the lack of skills among children, youth, women and men in the communities of Uganda, many of which lead to unemployment and the inability to afford socio-economic needs. This project offers trainings in tailoring, art and crafts, basic financial management, and entrepreneurial skills to enable participants engage in livelihood activities to meet their socio-economic needs.

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