Be the Change Project


We have discovered that digging in the dirt together and sharing produce/seeds/plants are powerful ways to connect people to each other and the environment in which we live.

Impact Harvest – Impact Harvest Mobile Produce Market


Everyone at Impact Harvest is passionate about ending hunger in our community. We believe that every human being should have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, regardless of their financial situation. We live and serve in 2 of the poorest counties in the state of NJ, where 1 out of 6 children go hungry each day.

C. Kate Stone – Science Connected


This year, Science Connected donors gave free science lessons and experiments to educators, enabled top scientists to share their knowledge directly with the public, and opened doors to science careers for women and other underrepresented groups.

Colectivo Teocintle, Paty y Blanca – Environmental Education for All Compost Program


We aim to generate an active environmental awareness with different activities how the urban community garden where we promote the planting of some organic vegetables for self-consumption where we address the issue of food sovereignty and we also promote that people take responsibility for their waste so we currently want to work on an organic waste management plan to produce our own compost.

James & Balu of Concern 4 Widows Rights – Inheritance laws training for widows to be paralegals


The lack of awareness of the existence of the laws pertaining inheritance and lack of understanding of the provisions in these laws is one of the main reasons responsible of the violation of widows inheritance rights in Sierra Leone. The project will addressed these gaps by training widows on the all laws in order to enable widows to challenge practices that have deprived them.



Our work operates on the foundation that food sovereignty and security are deeply rooted to a community. We use a community-based approach to promote seed conservation. To that end, since 2015, we have distributed seeds and educational material to a diverse group of people, farmers, urban gardeners, kids, etc, along as workshops, seed swaps, exhibitions and seed keepers meetings.

The Great Balance and the Arhuaco Tribe – One Million Trees Saving a Sacred Mountain


TGB believes that reinforcement and enhancement of the current educational system will allow the tribe to retain their most promising youth in the Sierra, and thus avoid external acculturation and the loss of their language and traditions. TGB educational project helps prepare students to become successful professionals with updated knowledge and skills, enabling them to remain at home and better serve their tribal community.

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