Kara Nelson; Kanita Brown – Klub M.E.


In this global and evolving economy, it is critical that our children develop skills to create and execute their own ideas by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. In this program students will learn about the Free Enterprise System. They will work in groups or as individuals to create a business, formulate a budget, develop a product, and execute advertising.

Chauncy R Williams, Rodney Walker – Young of Destiny


The increase of young men going to youth detention centers or prison, created an uproar of concern among local organizations. In order to help our young men, we wanted to implement programs that helped increase school retention. Our goal is to motivate our youth to stay in school and complete their education.

Maya Penn – Asali and The Pollinators – The Animated Series


"Asali and The Pollinators" is an exciting story with a message that no matter how big or small you are, everyone has the power to make a change, even when things get scary. Concepts around environmental protection, animal/nature conservation, leadership, teamwork, giving back, and more are delivered through fun storytelling and relatable engaging and characters.

Black Girls Dive Foundation, Inc. – Cultivating STEM identity through Ocean Stewardship


This project’s goal is to broaden the participation in environmental sciences for girls from ethnic minority group who are historically underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - to produce environmental science literate youth empowered to address chronic or emerging challenges facing their communities and cultivate environmental stewardship.

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