Samuel Kangethe, Community Empowerment through Sustainable and Bio-Intensive Agriculture(CESBA)

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Samuel Kangethe is a social worker who has been working for the past 15 years with orphans and vulnerable children programs in the areas around Nairobi, especially in the slums. In an effort to help his community, he traveled to the United States and attended an eight-month Bio intensive and cultural exchange program/internship

A. H. Johnson, Martin Luther King Community Garden

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The Cincinnati Christian Adult Ministries Center/Cincinnati Christian College is a part of a community garden in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Civic Garden Center is a great asset toward the success of each community garden. The Martin Luther King (MLK) Community Garden project is serving the inner city residents. The garden offers families

John Lavalie, Producing Gari as an Alternative Food Supply in Taiama Town

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The goal of this project is to process cassava through the use of cassava-processing machine into high-quality gari for community consumption. Harvesting and selling ordinary cassava is not easy and does not support the community food shortage problems in any way. Improving the face value of the cassava into high-quality gari

Joshua Amponsem, Sustainable Community Project

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Joshua Amponsem started the Sustainable Community Project when he commenced a series of sanitation workshops in Cape Coast with Isaac Abugri and other members of the Green Africa Youth Organization. Through the workshop, Joshua noticed that inappropriate organic waste disposal has led to the increase in sanitation-related diseases such as

Azelya Yazzie, Community Garden Native Youth Outreach Project

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Azelya Yazzie's outreach project focuses on helping Native American youth learn how to grow and cook their own traditional foods. This will allow her to collaborate with different Native American tribes and youth centers in the region of Southern California and give presentations on growing crops. This will teach the