Mabinju Village in Siaya County – Women Cultivating Power of Moringa


The Women Cultivating Power of Moringa Project is located in Mabinju Village in the Western region of Kenya. This project is a sustainable approach to combating poverty, malnutrition and environmental degradation in the community. A group of 15 women cultivates and harvests moringa, a food supplement that has many medicinal [...]

Alessandra & Eduardo Sydney – Improving the quality of life by growing edible mushrooms: changing whole lives


Demystifying the Mushrooms was created by Alessandra & Eduardo Sydney to promote knowledge about mushrooms. Located in Ponta Grossa, Brazil, Alessandra and Sydnes aim to teach the community about the benefits of mushrooms, including information about how to cultivate them and how to prepare recipes and products from them. Brazilians [...]

Robinah Kasule – Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship Development


The Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship Development project will train unemployed women in Uganda with skills to grow mushrooms for income generation, nutrition, and food security. The project will equip women in the community with practical skills to unlock their potential and ideas for innovation, while supporting their growth into creating [...]

Kadhama Elvis and Mugerwa Tadeo – Smart Farming Organics


Smart farming Organics is an ecological, organic, income-generating system of growing vegetables which provides a platform for training grassroots-based rural farmers in Mayuge, Uganda. Innovated by Kadhama Elvis, smart farming involves using recycled and affordable materials to create and expand space for vegetable growing in the home and also commercially [...]

Irumba Juma Siriwayo – Mushroom Farming for women sustainable livelihood


Irumba Juma Siriwayo is the founder of the project, Mushroom Farming for Women’s Sustainable Livelihood, located in Uganda. The project seeks to share knowledge on the modern art and science of indoor mushroom cultivation to a group of 20 women. It is a profitable agribusiness venture capable of improving livelihoods [...]

ABC2 World Changers – World Changers Community Farm Of Hope, Prosperity, & Change


The ABC2 World Changers Community Farm Of Hope, Prosperity, and Change is a youth-led project whose goal is to continue empowering young people to become community leaders/advocates. They have a sustainable youth-led agricultural model that supports youth-led projects around health, economic development, and education. The community farm will serve as [...]

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