Ngang Eric Ndeh Mboumien, Harnessing and valuing local knowledge and practices on climate change adaptation for community food security in North West Cameroon

90% of rural communities in Cameroon who depend on agriculture for their survival are not only victims of climate change. They have been able to use their local indigenous knowledge and practices (LIKPs) to excellently observe and interpret changes on atmosphere; water and land that have enabled them continuously produce

Whitney D. Greene, Pollinator Paradise: An Educational Garden

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Many of the youth in Wilkesboro, North Carolina do not understand the important role of pollinators in society. Whitney D. Greene has thus started Pollinator Paradise: An Educational Garden so that local schools and youth serving organizations can come and see firsthand the work of pollinators and their value in

Mark Mugambi Mutuma, Healthy Vegan Food Products from Soya Beans

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In 2015 the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a statement saying that consuming processed meat causes cancer, while eating unprocessed red meat may also be carcinogenic. Mark Mugambi Mutuma is based out of Meru, Kenya and has created the Healthy Vegan Food Products from Soya Beans project to help

Moses Mukongo, Training And Education In Grow Biointensive Sustainable Farming, Impact Grant 2016

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The project bears an emphasis towards the scaling up of sustainable, smaller-scale farming methods that will allow small-scale farmers to increase yields while conserving resources and minimizing environmental damage. More farmers and new communities shall be targeted. Participant farmers shall be viewed as proponents of dissemination; they will be challenged and encouraged to reach other farmers. Training workshops shall be organized for both new and old and farmers. Training materials shall be developed. Documentation of impact and limitations shall be prioritized; the monitoring and evaluation progress shall be explicit.

Kindred Spirits Care Farm, the Teaching Circle, Impact Grant 2016

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We are going to build a Teaching Circle at the center of our organic garden mandala. This Teaching Circle will be a ring-shaped wooden planter with benches and overhead shade to make learners comfortable while they learn about plant based diets, the joys of growing food and how farm animals are friends, therapists, and individuals, not food. This grant will buy the materials to create this Teaching Circle, and with it we will be able to help people see, smell, taste and fully experience the truth we teach. This Teaching Circle will help change lives and we are very grateful.

Tsechu Dolma, Mountain Resiliency Project, Impact Grant 2016

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We are developing greenhouses in the Dhorpattan Tibetan Refugee Camp. We provide agriculture technique farming to farmers so that they can increase their productivity and income. We realize that climate change resiliency and economics is heavily tied together. By expanding financial inclusion and increasing economic activity in mountain communities, we are seeing that climate change adaptive capacity is also enhanced. We are also promoting traditional ways of growing indigenous crops and raising livestock. We are directly engaging the community, especially the youth, to gain from this combination.

Magali Queyranne, Greening In Lima, Impact Grant 2016


Our aim is to bring nature into the city, promote environmental education and create opportunities at a local level for a more balanced development. We are carrying out four lines of action that are interrelated and come together holistically to promote the collective awareness of the need to protect our natural surroundings: planting, urban gardens, protection and enhancement of our historical and archeological heritage and educational programs. Obtaining the second TPP grant would help us to further develop actions for and with the local community, thanks to collective and shared spaces and activities that enhance social tie.